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Vax Steam Mop Reviews – Which One is the Best?

Comply with us as we evaluation and examine prime 5 greatest Vax steam mop and cleaners. Vax steam cleaners are praised for his or her capacity to dry floors much quicker than different greatest steam mops in the market. ( detailed evaluations under).

Vax Steam Mop Reviews

Greatest Vax Steam Mop

1. Vax S86-SF-C Steam Recent Combi Multifunction Steam Mop Reviews

Vax S86-SF-C Steam Fresh Combi Multifunction Steam Mop

The Vax steam recent combi steam mop, s86-sf-c, is both a flooring steam cleaner and a handheld steamer hence the identify ‘combi’ which means mixture.

Principally, the steam recent combi s86 sf c is an improved model of the former greatest promoting Vax S86-SF-CC Steam Recent Combi Basic 10 in 1 steam mop.

The Vax 15 in 1 steam cleaner was crowned as the greatest residence steam mop in 2014 by the main shopper analysis big “Which” after in depth research and analysis. Since then it has all the time topped the greatest sellers ranks among the greatest rated steam mops and steam cleaners in the UK Market.

It is full of exciting options that may make your cleaning tasks effortless and enjoyable.

  • The Vax Steam Recent Combi 15 in 1 S86-SF-C Steam Cleaner is a 2 in 1 multifunctional cleaner that comes with a 15 piece accent software package. The package provides the S86-SF-C added performance. It has two tanks, one for detergent and the other for water.
  • It makes use of specially designed patented Vax detergent that is blended with totally different welcoming scents (citrus burst, Lime zest and spring recent).
  • It is fitted with a nifty variable flooring setting. This setting allows you to choose the amount of scorching vapour to release on your floors. This makes it suitable for most flooring varieties including sensitive flooring like laminate floors. It additionally has an in-built flooring scrubber for you to spot clean any ingrained stains and caked in filth.
  • It may complete 15 totally different cleaning duties in your home which suggests you possibly can accomplish all of your cleaning tasks with just one gadget. You possibly can clear your windows; steam your upholstery, mattress, kitchen worktops, tile grouting, shower cubicle, refresh carpets and spruce up your automotive alloy wheels.
  • It kills 99% of all germs on your surfaces and comes with a Vax detergent that cleans far a lot better and kills 37% more micro organism on your floors than most flooring cleansing mops in the market. This alone will provide wholesome areas for your loved ones and pets. It additionally battles filth and dirt on your surfaces and not solely leaves them stunningly clear but in addition provides them a welcoming recent citrus scent. The scent can last up to seven days.
  • The S86-SF-C has 8m lengthy twine (the longest of all the flooring cleaners in the UK market). With such an extended cable you’ll be able to cowl vast areas in your domestic spaces without the have to plug and unplug when changing sockets. The long twine makes the s86-sf straightforward to manoeuvre and a pleasure to make use of. It also has swivel head steering for straightforward navigation round tight areas like desk legs and beneath couch seats.
  • It is sturdy and effective. It comes with an iron-clad two yr manufacturer assure. All it’s a must to do is to register your electrical mop at the manufacturer’s website to activate the guarantee. This provides you peace of thoughts with the information that you should use your s86 for at the least 2 years and in case it breaks down you’re coated by the manufacturer’s assure. Most customer feedbacks indicate that the customer service desk at Vax is quite useful.

Cons: The few adverse things about the Vax steam recent combi are:

  • It is comparatively heavier than different light-weight cleaners. It weighs 3.7 kgs.
  • The Vax detergent although low cost can add up in value extra time and make it expensive. Nevertheless you need to use the Vax combi steam mop with out detergent and but achieve spectacular outcomes.
  • Its hand-held cleaner doesn’t use Vax detergent. The Vax detergent is solely used on the flooring mop. Nevertheless, the concept behind scorching vapour mops is to make use of only scorching vapour to kill 99% of all germs and bacteria on your flooring with out the use of detergents. So even without the Vax detergent you’ll be able to nonetheless kill all germs and micro organism on your surfaces using steam solely to make your surfaces germ free and gleaming.

2. Vax S86-SF-CC Steam Recent Combi Basic Multifunction Steam Mop Reviews

Vax 10 in 1 Steam MopSome of the things you will love about using the Vax 10 in 1 steam mop additionally known as the Vax s86 sf cc steam recent combi basic is its unique steam and detergent know-how making certain straightforward cleansing, 7m power twine making it straightforward to move around the house while cleaning, 0.3 litre water tank capability, variable control with overheat protection, and producer’s 2-year assure.

We now have researched over 200 buyer feedback from main UK on-line stores like Amazon, Lakeland, Little woods and the manufacturer’s web site and provide you with a comprehensive Vax 10 in 1 steam cleaner evaluations. There is additionally the Vax VRS29M 10 in 1 steam mop. To get to find out about the Vax 10 in 1 additionally known as the Vax s86 sf cc better, allow us to first contemplate what benefits you’ll get if you purchase one.

Product Description:

This Vax recent combi basic comes with a 10 piece accent package for each cleansing job round the residence from ovens and hobs to taps, tiles, grout, kitchen worktops/surfaces, and flooring.

  • It uses specially formulated steam detergents to get rid of 99% of dangerous micro organism for up to 7 days.
  • The unique steam and detergent know-how and an angular flooring head helps get rid of stubborn stains and provides your property a citrus recent perfume.
  • The steam recent combi basic features a washable microfibre cleansing pad that removes cussed dust to go away your flooring streak-free and sparkling.
  • Angular flooring head gets into onerous to succeed in areas for a more thorough clear.
  • It is powered by a 1600 watt which heats up the water into vapour in 20 seconds.
  • The twin tank provides you with 15 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time.
  • This steam cleaner comes with a 7-meter energy twine, enough to wash broad areas in your home. With such a beneficiant cable wire, there is no have to plug and unplug when you start cleaning.
  • The Vax steam recent combi basic s86-sf-cc steam mop comes with a carpet glider to refresh low pile carpets.

Key Features/Execs and Cons of the Vax s86 sf cc

The 10 in 1 steam cleaner is an previous version of the greatest promoting Vax 15 in 1 steam cleaner (reviewed under).

  • It features cutting-edge twin tank know-how. What this means is that you’ll have two tanks, one for specially designed detergents and the different for water in order that whenever you clear, your flooring is left with a stunning spring scent.
  • The factor that basically makes this Vax steam recent combi basic a strong is the versatile equipment package.With the assist of those accessories, you need to use the cleaner to wash your kitchen worktops, cabinets, ovens, hobs, kitchen hood, grouting, tiles, windows, shower cubicle, rest room rim, automotive alloy wheels, upholstery, blinds and even mattresses.
  • The Vaxs86 sf cc employs swivel steering know-how that makes the cleaner glide effortlessly with minimal elbow grease.
  • It has an angular head that easily cleans onerous to entry places like beneath/around desk legs or in corners.
  • You get to make use of specially produced trademark Vax detergent that has been scientifically been confirmed to wash 37% higher than most abnormal vapour cleaners
  • You get 2 years guarantee once you register your Vax at the producer’s website. How is that for peace of mind?


  • It is relatively heavy at 3.7 kgs as compared to the Vax steam mop s7 of two.7kg
  • You’ll be able to solely use the detergents on the flooring mop and never on the handheld cleaner.

Here is what is contained in the Vax 10-in-1 steam mop equipment package:

  • One microfibre pad.
  • A carpet glider.
  • A Metallic brush.
  • Small plastic brush.
  • One giant plastic brush.
  • One window/upholstery device.
  • One window/upholstery material.
  • A scraper.
  • A concentration software.
  • Grouting brush.
  • A nozzle for detailed cleaning.
  • An adjunct bag and
  • Vax detergent.

In summary: The Vax 10 in 1 steam mop is full of reliability and flexibility, no marvel it has a high buyer star score of 4.2 which signifies that 84% of all the clients who have bought this gadget are quite proud of what they purchased.

Vax steam mops come with a strong 2-year manufacturer assure, so you have got enough time to fiddle around with it.

At the discounted worth it going for (less than sixty quid), two years is lengthy sufficient to justify a great return on funding should you purchase this Vax steam recent combi basic steam mop s86-sf-cc .

3. Vax S7 Complete House Grasp Multifunction Steam Mop Reviews

Vax 7 in 1 steam mopThe Vax 7 in 1 steam mop additionally referred to as the Vax house master steam cleaner has a 1600 watt motor that heats up a 400ml water tank in 30 seconds to provide you 15 minutes cleaning time.

  • The s7 options angular flooring head for environment friendly cleaning of exhausting to succeed in areas.
  • It has an extended electrical code (7 metres) enough to cover giant areas with out having to plug and unplug your sockets.
  • Comes accompanied with 7 half accent package with 16 cleansing tools. The accessories may be customised to wash not only your flooring and tiles but in addition grout, home windows, mirrors, shower, hob, cooker, oven and other kitchen home equipment.
  • It comes with a squeegee, a scraper, hose, pads, a cooling tray, carpet glider, the hand-held cleaner and over seven items of accessories for the hand cleaner.
  • In comparison with other Vax mops, The Vax S7 has a shoulder strap that provides you the freedom to use your different hand- while one hand holds down the management button to speed up your cleansing.
  • It is suitable for many arduous flooring varieties. Wooden floors, sealed laminate, tiles and lino.
  • Comes with a strong 2 years guarantee. This alone not only provides you peace of mind but in addition provides an indication that this gadget is built to final.
  • You don’t want to use Vax detergent with the Vax S7 steam mop. You’re suggested simply to use chilly water only.


  • Compared to the Vax steam recent combi, the s7 doesn’t have variable flooring setting that lets you regulate the warmth launched to the floors.
  • The button on the hand-held cleaner needs to be stored pressed on for the scorching vapour to jet out constantly.
  • The instruction guide that is provided with it is not very complete. It’s a must to examine for extra info on-line should you need it.

Vax S7 Steam Mop General Verdict My remaining ideas about the Vax s7 steam mop are that it is good value for money.

  • It is quite versatile.
  • It is a multipurpose cleaner with a seven piece accessory package that can be utilized to wash your onerous flooring surfaces, windows, upholstery and toilet.
  • You should use it to refresh your carpets and garments.
  • It has an applicable lengthy electric twine to offer you added flexibility.

4. Vax 10 in 1 VRS29M Steam Mop Reviews

Vax 10 in 1 vrs29m steam mop The Vax 10 in 1 vrs29m steam mop is a Complete Residence Grasp steam cleaner;that comes with a 10 piece accent package for the ease of cleansing of each family. It has a large sizable angled flooring head that simply reaches onerous to succeed in areas.

  • The vrs29 cleans exhausting flooring and carpets with the use of a carpet glider included in the equipment pack.
  • It includes a wire brush, a nozzle, and a squeegee device for cleansing home windows.
  • The cleaner easily cleans up grime and greases.
  • It can be converted into a handheld cleaner to carry out other cleaning tasks aside from mopping flooring.
  • You get two microfiber pads which are good because they are reusable and could be washed simply by tossing them in the washer.
  • It comes with a wire brush as an accessory. A wire brush is not solely long lasting than a fibre/plastic brush however is fairly effective in cleaning grout.
  • It has a carpet glider that is fairly good in refreshing carpets. Your carpets will appear to be new and refreshed. Nevertheless for a deep clear you need a devoted carpet cleaner/ washer.

Key Features/ Execs and Cons of the Vax VRS29M 10 In 1 Steam Cleaner The VRS29M Vax steam cleaner is both a flooring steam mop and a handheld steamer.

  • It is powered by a 1500 watts that heats up in solely 30 seconds and may give you as much as 12 minutes of continuous cleansing
  • The VRS29M by Vax has a reliable handheld cleaner that detaches with ease.
  • It will possibly clean grout, kitchen worktops and white items (hob, oven, microwave and so forth) and fabric. You may also refresh carpets, clear windows, grout and bathe cubicle with it. It is quite efficiency in cleaning.
  • It supplies additional maneuverability as a result of its swivel head steering and long 6m power twine.
  • It has a useful storage case for problem free storage.

Cons: When cleansing excessive locations the strain jet circulate of the scorching vapour is not nice as you need to position the cleaner vertically.

How does the vrs29 steamer work ? It is a multifunctional cleaner that can be used on totally different of surfaces.

  • You possibly can simply clean the flooring, windows, tiles, grout and so forth.
  • You can even detach the handle of the Vax vrs29m with the press of a key. Press a button to release scorching jetting vapour.
  • It is good on sealed onerous flooring. You can even clean all varieties of floors with it by managing the way you release the scorching vapour. You achieve this by urgent the button just a little bit then making dry passes with out scorching vapour.
  • The steamer heats up in lower than 30 seconds to provide you respectable continuous cleansing time of 12 minutes which is sufficient to spruce up a regular room. It is far more efficient and straightforward to function.

In abstract: The Vax vrs29m 10 in 1 steam cleaner works effectively on every floor and leaves your surfaces glowing and hygienic.

  • It is eco-friendly; you don’t need any chemical compounds to make your floors sparkling, simply use scorching vapour. You need to use Vax detergent that comes in three flavours (citrus, Lime and Zest) that may depart your floors with a pleasant fragrance.
  • It kills 99% of all germs and micro organism on your flooring to offer you healthy spaces for your family and pets.
  • Easily glides on your floors for straightforward maneuverability. The swivel steering makes twisting the cleaner at angles an easy process. It could actually save you cleansing time.
  • It is moveable and could be carried anyplace in your home area.
  • It is an prompt cleansing answer that may make your grout wanting like new and depart your flooring gleaming. You don’t have to make use of cleaning answer however in case you are up to it, you’ll be able to grab a Vax detergent as a cleansing answer that may depart your home with a recent fragrance.
  • This steam cleaner supplies worth for money at the low worth level it is presently going for.
  • The vrs29m steam cleaner has a high buyer approval by people who have used it. 84% of the people who have bought this Vax steam cleaner give it constructive suggestions. They are saying it is good for flooring cleansing and that the floors dry actually shortly (in less than 3 minutes). You possibly can examine this Vax on Amazon where it is presently extremely discounted

5. Vax S85 CM Steam Mop Reviews

Vax s85 cm steam mop The Vax s85 cm steam mop is marketed as a 3 in 1 cleaner which is a step forward of the pack in the scorching vapour cleaning market through which 2 in 1 cleaners are the commonest.

The three in a single includes of a devoted flooring cleaner, a nifty absolutely kitted handheld cleaner and a attain wand for all these excessive spaces like ceiling and tight spaces like beneath furniture fittings. To date the S85-SF-R has emerged as the greatest vendor in the steam cleansing range.

Other key options are compact brush and steam increase for ingrained filth, a variety of equipment for clean anywhere in your domestic area and variable flooring management on the handle for ease of management. Regardless of newer versions, the Vax steam recent combi continues to be a favorite among shoppers. It is a greatest seller in main retailers in the UK like Amazon and Argos.

Vax S86-SF -C, 15 in 1 VS S86-SF- CC, 10 in 1 Steam Recent Combi Basic

Do you have to purchase the Vax steam recent combi basic 10-in-1 steam cleaner or Vax S86 SF C 15 in 1 Steam Recent Combi Steam Mop? A number of notable differences between the Vax s86 sf cc 10 in 1 steam recent combi basic and the Vax s86 sf c 15 in 1 steam cleaner are:

  • The Vax S86-SF-C steam recent combi has a power twine that is 8m whereas the Vax S86-SF-CC has a 7m energy twine.
  • The Vax S86-SF-C Steam Cleaner and the s86 sf cc each have a 0.5litre water tank capacity.
  • The Vax 15 In 1 Steam Cleaner and the Vax 10 in 1 both heats-up in 20 seconds to offer 15 minutes cleaning time.
  • The 10 in 1 does not have steam management setting; there is only on and off button when in comparison with the 15 in one which has steam control setting to assist you choose amount of steam relying on the flooring sort.
  • On both of them; you need two arms to operate the handheld steamer.
  • They both weigh 3.7kg and powered by 1600watts motor
  • The s86 sf c has a built-in compact brush for cleansing robust stain while the s86 sf cc the compact brush comes as an accessory.

What’s more? The Vax S86-SF-CC has an angular head that makes it straightforward to wash arduous to succeed in places. In truth, with the S86-SF-CC, you’ll be able to clear practically any space round the house. Ranging from ovens and hobs to taps, tiles, grills and flooring of all types, this gadget undoubtedly proves its efficacy. Vax 10 in 1 comes with a 2 yr Producer’s guarantee for peace of mind.

Vax s86 sf c Vs. S85-SF-R Vs. S84-W7-P

The important thing distinction is that the newer version has a wand to help attain tight areas and high ceilings. The wand can be utilized with a number of accessories like the window cleaner (squeegee) or exhausting bristle grout brush to wash high home windows and grout in tight areas. The Vax Steam Recent Energy Plus steam mop S84-W7-P has a 360 degree handheld device that lets you clean from any angle. The newer versions have an additional steam increase to allow you deal with robust stains and filth. In contrast to the 15 in 1 the recent energy and the Vax recent power plus have a wall mount perform because they don’t seem to be as free standing as the Vax 15 in 1. The other set of flooring cleaners produced by Vax are cylinder cleaners: The Vax S6S and Vax S5 Kitchen and Rest room Master Compact Steam Cleaner . Sometimes these cylinder cleaners are fairly moveable as a result of they roll on wheels. Additionally they have onboard accessory storage package and a larger water tank than standing cleaners which also provides longer continuous cleansing time than stick scorching vapour mops and cleaners. The important thing distinction between the Vax S5 and Vax S6S is that the S5 is extra compact and has a barely smaller water tank. It also has fewer equipment in comparison with the S6. Whereas the S6 has 20 accent software package for all types of cleansing the S5 has solely 16. The S6 provides you 40 minutes steady cleansing time whereas the S5 provides you solely 30 minutes steady cleansing time.

Little question Vax steam mops do an effective job of cleaning floors. They kill 99.9% of all germs and bacteria on your surfaces with out chemical compounds. What is even better is that with the specialised detergent that is provided whenever you buy a model new Vax mop, your gadget will clear 37% higher than most cleaners.