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Roomba e5 vs 960 – Two Very Capable Vacuums Compared in Detail


Side by side comparison of the Roomba e5 and 960

Recently all the robotic vacuum hype has been targeted on the newest Roomba i7 collection. Rightfully so. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t overlook the other newcomer: the Roomba e5. The entry-level (or financial system class, you select what the “e” stands for) robotic has a chance to steal just a little bit of the thunder, a minimum of for a minute.

This launch marks a brand new era for iRobot the place they not solely think about the future of robotic cleansing but keep in mind that not all of their shoppers want or have to shell out close to a thousand dollars for a vacuum. This text will look at the e5 and examine it towards a long-time shopper favourite; the Roomba 960.

Learn the complete article to get all the small print on the comparison. Nevertheless, for those who just need my humble, but skilled and modest, opinion then it is best to decide the Roomba e5.

The Differences between Roomba e5 and Roomba 960

The variations between the models embrace one you’ll be able to see and a number of other you can’t.

  • The 960 navigates your house logically like a human would; the e5 makes use of a pseudo-random pattern to navigate.
  • The Roomba 960 has a digital camera to help this navigation; the e5 doesn’t.
  • The 960 has a 2600mAh battery and a runtime up to 75 minutes; The e5 has a 1800mAh battery and a runtime of up to 90 minutes.
  • The e5 is slightly smaller in diameter and lighter than the 960.
  • The 960 model has the power to mechanically resume cleansing after a battery cost; the e5 does not.

The Similarities between the Two Vacuums

The two fashions are quite alike in both efficiency and appearance. The key areas where they’re comparable embrace:

  • Each model will routinely return to the charging dock to recharge the batteries.
  • Both the e5 and the 960 have high-efficiency filters for allergen discount.
  • Both include the brushless rollers (straightforward to take care of).
  • Utilizing the Wi-Fi in your house, you’ll be able to control both robots with the cellular app or voice commands.
  • Each fashions make the most of the filth detection system for identifying and handling heavily soiled areas.
  • You’ll have the power to use virtual wall limitations for containment with each variations.
  • Each robots are rated for cleaning all flooring varieties.

Specs Chart

Let me present you the two fashions aspect by aspect so you’ll be able to see for yourself what every one provides, or doesn’t supply.

Roomba 960 Roomba e5 Measurement 13.eight×13.8×3.6 inches 13.3×13.three×three.6 inches Weight eight.6 pounds 7.2 kilos Navigation iAdapt iAdapt Battery 2600mAh lithium-ion 1800mAh lithium-ion Runtime Up to 75 minutes As much as 90 minutes Cost Time 3 hours three hours Automated Recharge Sure Sure Whole Degree Clean Yes No Filter High-efficiency High-efficiency Carpet Increase Yes Sure Drop Sensors Yes Yes Bump Sensors Sure Sure Filth Detection Sensors Yes Yes Digital camera Navigation Sure No Wi-fi Communications Sure Sure Cellular App Yes Sure Voice Controls Sure Yes Flooring Varieties All All Washable Assortment Bin No Sure Automated Assortment Bin Emptying No No Aspect Brushes 1 Aspect Brush 1 Aspect Brush Containment Twin Mode Digital Wall Barrier Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier Warranty 1 yr 1 yr Worth Examine on Amazon Verify on Amazon

Evaluating the e5 and 960 in Detail

Now we come to the meat of our program. Right here I’ll dive into the small print of the 2 robots and examine them apples for apples with each other. By the top, it is best to have a better concept of which mannequin is greatest for you.

Battery Life

The Roomba e5 Has the Greater Battery

Upon first glance you may say, oh, battery life and measurement will go to the e5. In any case, it has a larger celled battery holding 3300mAh and has a fairly spectacular runtime of up to 90 minutes. Then again, the smaller 2600mAh battery pack of the 960 solely runs as much as 75 minutes.

When you would technically be right, there are a few things you could understand concerning the batteries and the way they’re used.

Notice: The original shipment of the Roomba 960 shipped with a 2600mAh battery pack. Nevertheless, in the last couple of years, iRobot has carried out away with the 2600mAh batteries and has replaced them with an 1800mAh battery.

The dimensions distinction is famous as follows: Runtime up to 60 minutes, recharge time: 2.5 hours, coverage: 1600 sq. ft.

Should you get a 2600mAh battery pack in your 960, when it comes time to exchange it, you will buy the 1800mAh battery pack. There’s little or no distinction in performance although.

Roomba 960’s Navigation Makes More Efficient Use of Battery Energy

The Roomba 960 uses the complete suite of iAdapt sensors, together with the digital camera. This enables the 960 to vacuum the floor in a more human-like and efficient manner.

The Roomba e5 does not have cameras and subsequently navigates using a pseudo=random sample.

Just like the 800 collection Roombas, the e5 just isn’t outfitted with cameras and subsequently navigates utilizing a pseudo-random sample. Which means it’ll bump round your home randomly until both (1) the battery runs out or (2) it has coated each spot. Subsequently, the e5 isn’t as environment friendly as the 960.

The 960 has ‘Recharge and Resume’

Both models negate the battery measurement by with the ability to tell when the facility drops under 15 %. When this happens, the robots will stop their cleaning cycles and return to the charging dock on their very own to recharge.

This means you don’t actually have to worry about ensuring the battery is sweet to go on the subsequent cleaning cycle. Until you might have a cleansing scheduled for each four hours, there isn’t any have to ever really worry concerning the battery life.

The Roomba 960 has a leg up right here, although. After the battery is charged, the robot will return to where it left off (assuming the cleaning wasn’t completed) and end the job. iRobot calls this function “entire level cleaning,” which is simply one other means of saying your entire flooring can be clear, even if we’ve to cease to recharge our batteries.

The Roomba e5 doesn’t have this complete degree cleansing capacity. Because it doesn’t make a map of your flooring plan, it wouldn’t know where to resume vacuuming, even when it might.

When all is claimed and executed, the Roomba 960 will truly outperform the e5 in battery life due to this automated resume function. On its own, the Roomba e5 will cowl a mean of 1800 sq. ft on a single charge. The much less carpet you have got in this 1800 square ft, the larger the quantity turns into.

Likewise, the Roomba 960 will have the ability to cover about 1400 to 1600 square ft on a single cost. Nevertheless, because it could recharge and resume, you possibly can double, or even triple that quantity.

Bottom Line: The Roomba 960 wins. Even with a smaller battery, it is extra environment friendly and may probably cowl extra flooring area.

Navigation and Mapping

The 960 makes use of the iAdapt navigation system. This was first used in the 800 and 900 collection robots with the benefit being the power to use an onboard digital camera. The digital camera, as you discover in the Roomba 960, creates an inner map utilizing a collection of low-resolution photographs.

An illustration of how Roomba 960 maps its environment.

As the robot runs round your house, the robot takes these photographs and overlays them to create a type of three-dimensional map of your own home. This manner it knows where to go and where it has been.

This know-how is what makes the 960 capable of utilize the complete degree clean performance and return to the place it left off after recharging the batteries.

It also permits the robots to wash in extra human-like patterns, using parallel strains and a strong forwards and backwards to cowl the complete flooring. Models with out the digital camera rely only on the sensors to navigate round.

The e5 continues to be with no digital camera and doesn’t create maps. As a result of there isn’t a map to make use of, the non-camera models clear in a extra sporadic and pseudo-random sample.

While still relying only on infrared and acoustic sensors, the software program tells the robot to go straight till it will probably’t anymore, nevertheless, it doesn’t know methods to turn around and head again in a straight line creating the parallel line cleaning you’d find in the 960.

Whereas the e5 does have a much less sporadic showing cleaning pattern, it is typically hilarious to observe because it heads straight for danger solely to vary to some random degree at the last minute and head in a totally totally different path.

Don’t be fooled, the whole flooring is covered, and you gained’t discover as many missed spots as you do with the 600 collection robots, however the technique the e5 makes use of to get there’s entertaining, to say the least.

The Different Three Sensors Are As They All the time Have Been

The opposite three primary sensors discovered on all Roomba models are still working properly in the 960 and e5. The bump, drop, and dust detection sensors work in unison to maintain your robot cleaning virtually and effectively.

A multitude of sensors on the Roomba 960 and e5 help these robots navigate safely.

The drop sensors are a easy infrared sensor on the front undersides of the robots. They detect cliff, ledges and drops of something greater than about an inch and a half. When your robot approaches the drop, like at the prime landing of a stairwell, it is going to slow down, getting as shut as potential earlier than changing course to avoid the autumn.

This additionally works on smaller ledges like thresholds between rooms. If the drop is critical enough the robot will keep away from it. Not that the machine believes a two in drop will trigger injury, however because it may possibly simply turn out to be high-centered on the edge and trigger you to should rescue it.

The bump sensors are light-touch sensors which might be activated when the robotic comes near a strong object.

The acoustic and infrared sensors will alert the robot that something is arising. The robotic will slow down and gently nudge the item to see if it is satisfactory.

Issues like mattress skirts and low hanging drapes are satisfactory, and the robotic will proceed straight by means of them. Nevertheless, desk legs, walls, low furnishings, and so on., will cause the bump strip on the entrance of the robotic to depress.

When this happens, the robot will realize it can’t move and can change course with out causing injury to the robotic or the impediment.

The dust detection sensors are on the bottom of the robotic and at the moment are in their second era of advancement and upgrades. Within the first model, which worked properly, the robot touring in a straight line would detect additional debris in the world and make a small loop, going over the world once more.

In the second era, which is discovered on each the 960 and the e5, the robotic doesn’t make the loop anymore. As an alternative, it stops and cleans the world utilizing small forwards and backwards motions earlier than persevering with on.

Bottom Line: The Roomba 960 wins. The camera-based navigation is extra environment friendly than those with out cameras.

Controlling and Scheduling the Robots

Both Fashions Are Controlled the Similar Means: Native, App, and Voice

One factor that hasn’t modified is the tactic of management for the robots. You continue to have the three main varieties: local, cellular and voice.

The native controls are more limited than they have been in the previous, decreasing the variety of buttons to solely three. You will be able to ship the robot out to do a cleansing cycle by urgent the central Clear button twice. The primary press wakes it up and the second press sends it out to wash.

The 2 buttons to the left and right of the Clear button are the House and Spot Clean buttons. The Residence button (identified with a bit of home icon) sends the robots again to the charging station, canceling the cleansing cycle. It is best to notice, that earlier than you possibly can send the robotic house, you should press the Clear button once to pause the cleansing.

The Spot Clean button is used for small messes that happen between cleansing cycles. A mud footprint tracked in by the youngsters, or the child spilling her cheerios, for instance. You simply raise the deal with and transport the robot to the spill or mess, putting it in the center.

Then press the Spot Clear button and the robotic will come to life, cleaning the world completely. It is going to spiral across the begin location in an ever growing outward circle. Once the world has been cleaned (the spiral can be about three ft), the robot will shut down awaiting further instructions.

When you can press the House button, the robot gained’t actually have an concept of where it’s in the house’s flooring plan, so it is simpler to move it back to the dock (or at the very least within a foot or two) by yourself.

The iRobot Residence App is the Major Approach of Management for Each Vacuums

The first technique of management will often all the time be via the iRobot cellular app. With the cellular app, you’ve got complete control over every facet of the robot.

Not solely will you have the ability to give a nickname to your Roomba (helpful when you’ve got multiples for voice management) however additionally, you will be capable of see and interact with the features.

You will be able to set schedules, edit schedule and cancel schedules for cleansing cycles as well as the identical start, cease, pause and resume features like with voice instructions.

You will also be capable of see, at a look, the standing of the robot (is it cleaning, charging, stuck, and so on.) and the extent of battery life it has remaining. There’s also display in the cellular app that may let you realize the status and really helpful alternative occasions of the filter and aspect brushes.

In contrast to voice instructions and native controls, you don’t even have to be house or close to the robot to regulate it. You can begin a cleaning cycle while you’re sitting at your desk at work and come house to a clean flooring.

iRobot Continues to Add New Voice Instructions to the Listing

When using voice instructions first got here out, there were very limited things you might say. You possibly can begin a cleaning cycle, stop a cleaning cycle and send the robot residence.

As know-how progresses, these commands have grown as properly. Now there are several voice instructions you should use and for numerous purposes.

Each the Roomba 960 and the Roomba e5 will use the same voice commands, which can be used with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant enabled units. You will be able to offer instructions for the next features:

  • Start a cleaning cycle.
  • Cease a cleansing cycle.
  • Pause or resume a cleaning cycle.
  • Return the robotic to the charging station.
  • Create a scheduled cleaning.
  • Cancel a scheduled cleaning.
  • Find out the cleansing schedule.
  • Find out where the robot is situated.
  • Discover the status of the robot.

There are a few dozen new instructions for other models, such because the i7, but these won’t work with the 960 or e5.

Bottom Line: This spherical is a tie. Both robots use the identical commands and controls, so there’s nothing to base a winner on.

The Assortment Bin

One of many variations you might or might not discover instantly is the collection bin. This little drawer is what collects all the dust, mud and particles picked up by the robotic. Each once in a while you will have to take away the drawer and empty its contents in the trash.

It will be better for those who took this time to take away the filter and knock off the large stuff earlier than returning it to service. Alas, I’m not your mom and you can do as you please. It is strongly recommended although.

There are two primary variations between the gathering bins of the two fashions and they are fairly vast. The primary distinction is the capability of the bins.

The Roomba 960 has a pretty big collection bin measurement, with the capacity to hold zero.5L value of debris. The Roomba e5, although, has a bigger bin, with the capacity to collect and maintain 0.7L of filth and mud.

Is 0.2L that massive of a distinction? Relying on the kind of debris you’re amassing, it positive is. Until you’re filling your bin every single day, you’ll notice that the e5’s bin only must be emptied about each three or four cleaning cycles. This could mean you go every week and a half or two weeks earlier than it needs to be emptied.

The 960 will must be cleaned out about each second or third cleaning cycle. Not that a lot of a distinction, but sufficient to warrant a second considered it.  Both robots will shut down if their collection bins develop into too full. There’s a sensor inside that makes the robotic stop and angrily beep at you when it senses the bin is full.

This is completed for the protection of the robotic. A full bin may cause particles to back up which can, in turn, trigger the motor to overheat. No one needs that.

The dirt bin of the Roomba e5 is washable.

The second distinction is that the collection bin on the e5 is washable. Obviously, you’ll need to empty it first, however after that, you’ll be able to rinse it out underneath the faucet to make sure it’s utterly clean. The 960 bin isn’t washable. You’ll solely be allowed to wipe it out with a dry towel or paper napkin.

Backside Line: The Roomba e5 wins. A larger and washable bin is simpler to take care of.

Incessantly Asked Questions

Permit me, now, to answer a few of the extra widespread questions on these machines. If in case you have further questions, simply use the remark section at the bottom of the web page and ask away.

Q. What sort of filters do the 2 robots have, will they assist with my allergic reactions?

A. Both the Roomba 960 and the Roomba e5 have the high-efficiency filters we have now come to know and love from iRobot. These filters are the identical HEPA high quality filters from years passed, simply without the actual HEPA certification.

The filters will capture particles down to 3 microns in measurement, which is enough for amassing pollen, dust mites, molds and pet dander. By decreasing the in-home allergens up to 99 %, you possibly can breathe simpler understanding your floors are cleaner. (Pun absolutely meant).

Q. How nicely do these robots suck on exhausting floors and carpet?

A. I wish I might inform you that the little robots run around every room driving in circles so fast it creates a whirlwind of dust and pet hair, adopted by them pushing the dust twister to the entrance door where you just open it up and let the mud cloud vanish outdoors. That might be awesome.

Nevertheless, until that know-how exists, we’ll use the standard high volume air suction of a vacuum we’ve recognized for centuries. Both the e5 and the 960 create about 1000pa of suction, which is 5 occasions higher than the quantity created by the 600 collection.

On exhausting floors and carpeting alike, there are two, counter-rotating, brushless extractors that sweep, scrub and agitate the floor. The primary bar works as an agitator, loosening particles from deep inside carpet fibers and scrubbing onerous floors to carry stuck on messes.

The second bar acts as the sweeper. It lifts the debris from the floor and carpet into the air duct the place it is suctioned into the gathering bin.

Comparison of Roomba e5 and Roomba 960's brushless extractors.

The two brushless extractors interlock in the middle as they rotate opposite one another. These rubber bladed bars work to not only raise particles however to separate it as nicely. This makes debris extraction extra efficient and reduces the power for gadgets like hair and strings to get wrapped round them.

Within the occasion that the robotic runs over and collects something it shouldn’t (or can’t) like an influence twine or a tube sock, the robotic will cease and reverse the extractors, in an try and free itself. If profitable, the robot will then maneuver across the object, so it doesn’t get stuck once more.

If it isn’t profitable, the robotic will shut down to stop injury to the merchandise or itself and beep at you to help free it. As a result of there aren’t any bristles, and the 2 bars work in tandem, the robots are rated to wash all flooring varieties, even high pile carpeting. Shag carpet, although, nonetheless poses a problem.

What I Like Concerning the Roomba 960

  • Digital camera based mostly navigation is environment friendly and more human-like.
  • Capability to recharge and resume, which is not obtainable on the e5.
  • Upkeep routine take mere minutes.

What I Like Concerning the Roomba e5

  • Actually thorough cleansing
  • Giant collection bin is washable and doesn’t have to be emptied typically.
  • Navigation is funny to observe.

In Conclusion

One of the largest elements relating to making a purchase order like this is the general value. Your price range is going to play an enormous position in your last choice. With the discharge of the new i7 collection, the price of the 900 collection robots is going to continue to drop. The Roomba e5 is already cheaper and has a number of the newer know-how included.

Which one is for you? It depends upon your wishes. Both robots offers you the same degree of unpolluted and in about the identical period of time. You need to use the same controls for operation and even have schedules created from anyplace you want.

The e5 has a bigger assortment bin, however uses a psuedo-random pattern to navigate. With out logical navigation and recharge and resume, the e5 is inferior to the 960 for giant houses or homes with a number of rooms.

The 960 gives using camera-based navigation which provides it the looks of a extra human clear, utilizing parallel strains and creating picture maps in its reminiscence. Additionally it is costlier than the Roomba e5. Its capability to wash a whole flooring utilizing recharge and resume makes it the better decide for most houses.

Although the Roomba 960 costs more, the upgrades on this common and long time favorite will get my decide in this battle of the Roombas.