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Pure Clean Robotic Vacuum Review


The PureClean PUCRC26B.

If I advised you that you can have a robotic flooring cleaner for lower than $100 you’d in all probability take a look at me sideways. With Roomba and Samsung and others corporations charging nicely over a thousand dollars for his or her robots, it appears unlikely. It’s true, although. Pure Clean is a comparatively new company (beneath the seller identify of Pyle) that gives entry-level robots at amazingly low prices.

This assessment will take a look at the Pure Clean Robotic Vacuum (PUCRC26B) and find out what is going on beneath the hood, how it compares, where it falls brief and if it is the right robotic for you and your house.

If you’d like the fast and soiled you might want to know that the robot has very limited controls, will work properly on exhausting flooring and upkeep is extra hands-on than most other robots. Nevertheless, will probably be a great match for smaller houses or flats with out a variety of carpeting and the worth is perfect for those on a finances.

Who is This Robot For?

The Pure Clean Robotic vacuum is designed for anyone that desires to start out off with a robotic cleaner to seek out out in the event that they like them without breaking the financial institution. You could love the Pure Clean if:

  • You have got a smaller house (900 sq. ft or less).
  • Have allergic reactions and have to maintain the air and floors free of allergens.
  • Don’t have a lot carpeting within the house (together with rugs and runners).

Who is This Robot Not For?

Not everyone will benefit from the Pure CLean robotic, even in case you are on a decent finances. You could discover you want a unique model if:

  • You require programming and scheduling of your cleaning cycles.
  • Don’t need to need to search for the robot when the battery dies.
  • Have medium, excessive or shag pile carpeting.

Dimensions, Options and Options

Alright, let’s get right down to brass tacks here. You need to know if the Pure Clean will be just right for you, and in that case, how does it work? I’ll reply these questions soon sufficient. Let me take you through the ins and outs of this machine to seek out out what it has and what it lacks.

The Battery Is Tiny, And There Isn’t A Charging Station.

The battery used by the Pure Clean is a lithium-ion battery. That is excellent news as they work lots higher than the Nickel-Metallic Hydride batteries. Lithium-ion batteries last longer, perform better and maintain costs for extra cycles than the NiMH counterparts.

The dangerous news is the battery is a tiny celled battery that doesn’t final too long. Most robots will tout batteries with 3500, 3300, and even 2600 milliamp hours (mAh). The larger the cells, the longer they will run. The Pure Clean has an 850mAh battery pack.

Whilst small as it is, it nonetheless has a charging time of over four hours. To me, it is a bit ridiculous. I know the robot is known as a “mini,” nevertheless it isn’t a lot smaller than another robot available on the market. The battery might be a bit larger and have a quicker charge time. At present, the battery will recharge with four.7 volts. Even your cellphone uses 5 volts.

When the battery is charged, it solely has a number of jobs to do: run the motor to spin the wheels, power the sensors and make the motor create suction. Due to these small duties, the battery can provide runtime of as much as 90 minutes. You usually tend to see runtimes closer to 65 or 70 minutes, but the probability of a full hour and a half are there.

When the battery dies, there isn’t a charging dock to return to. So you gained’t come house and discover your new little robot resting on its docking station waiting so that you can send it back out again. What you will see that is it lifeless somewhere on your flooring with a bit pink battery mild blinking away telling you “help, I’ve run out of power!”

You will decide up the poor little man and carry it to a power outlet, plug in the DC adapter after which plug the adapter into the robotic. Once you do, that pink mild will blink blue. After about four hours, will probably be a strong blue and that is your indication that the battery is charged and the robot is prepared for lively obligation.

It isn’t the greatest battery available on the market. It can, although, do enough to wash for over an hour and about 800 to 900 square ft of flooring area.

The Filter Is Great, At Least.

Filtration is all the time an enormous concern on the subject of vacuuming. I imply, let’s face it, vacuums, by design, are meant to stir every part up on our flooring, suck up as much as potential and try to hold as much inside the vacuum as attainable.

Should you keep in mind your grandma’s previous vacuum, I am positive that purple bag with the enormous zipper brings again dangerous reminiscences of creating big clouds of mud if you bumped into it. Not to mention the nightmare of making an attempt to vary out the paper bag that held all of the crap from the floor.

Now we have now canisters and collection bins and filters. All of those go to scale back the quantity of filth, dust and debris returned to the air and flooring whereas utilizing the vacuum and while it is being cleaned.

We have now even come as far as to be able to filter the air that is exhausted by the machines to a degree that really reduces allergens within the residence. The Pure Clean has such a filter. The small, washable filter is licensed HEPA and can gather particles down to 3 microns in measurement.

The dangerous information is that the filter and collection bin are tiny. The filter matches inside the collection bin which, at an entire zero.2 liters, is among the smallest in the business. You’ll be emptying this every cleaning cycle. At the least once.

The filter will have to be crushed towards the aspect of your rubbish can recurrently, and as soon as a month (or extra) have a wet toothbrush taken too it. As soon as the whole lot is dry, you possibly can put it all again, though, which is good for people who wish to reuse issues.

Controls? What Controls?

In case you are on the lookout for a vacuum that has voice commands via Amazon Alexa, cellular apps that send stories and permit you to create schedules, or remote controls with directional arrows for guide steering; you’re in for a surprise.

The Pure Clean has none of those. The truth is, it doesn’t have any controls in any respect to talk of. There’s one button on the machine: the facility button. Press it and the robotic starts cleansing. Press it again and it stops.

That’s it. That’s all you get. Put the robot on the floor, press the button and off it goes. It’ll run till the battery is lifeless or the collection bin is full. It doesn’t even know in case your whole home is clean, it simply runs itself to demise, hoping for the perfect.

This isn’t to say it doesn’t clean your whole house; it does, the robotic simply actually has no concept it has achieved so. Sort of like when your four-year-old hears you spell a phrase and knows you’ll McDonald’s.

As Long As You Have The Proper Flooring, There Is Nothing To Fear About.

There are actually dozens of flooring varieties and within these dozens, there are tons of of sub-types. I might make an inventory that might be longer than this article. Don’t worry; I gained’t.

What I’ll record are the varieties of flooring the Pure Clean can deal with. Exhausting flooring and low pile carpet. A brief listing. Let me make it a bit longer. By low pile carpet, I imply just that. Indoor and outside carpet with little to no pile can be cleaned fairly properly.

Onerous flooring is a much longer record. It consists of tile, laminate, vinyl, hardwood, softwood, marble, stone, Formica, shale, granite… You get the thought. If it isn’t carpet, the Pure Clean will clean it.

It is going to also try to wash cords, socks, toys, those clear plastic Lego items you’ll be able to never appear to seek out until you’re barefoot and headed to the toilet at three am. Whether it is on the ground, the robotic will try and climb, clear and suction it up. Typically for the higher (silly Lego) and typically for the more severe (sorry cellphone charger).

It’s how it cleans that’s necessary. Decide up the large stuff and watch the cords and throw rug tassels and you’ll be positive.

Suction Is Principally All You Get.

In contrast to your grandma’s upright and most other robotic vacuums available on the market, there isn’t a rotating brush roll to agitate the carpet fibers or sweep the ground. There’s a suction port where 800pa value of airflow picks up something in its path.

You even have the option to attach two aspect brushes to help push dust and debris into the gaping maw of the suction port. It works the same means as that previous Mud Buster your mom had hung up in the laundry room that she all the time forgot about till the battery wouldn’t maintain a cost longer than two minutes.

It cleans onerous flooring nicely, as most suction vacuums do, and it’ll surface clear low pile carpet. Which is enough to get you through to Sunday, when your wife turns off the football recreation until you could have vacuumed the entire home with the plugged-in upright. Don’t worry; you’ll be back earlier than Detroit scores, I promise.

Specs Chart

Let me show you what the Pure Clean does and doesn’t have in this useful chart so you’ll be able to see, at a look, what you’re getting.

Pure Clean PUCRC26B
Dimensions 11x11x2.9 inches
Weight three.5 kilos
Battery Lithium-ion 850mAh
Runtime As much as 90 minutes
Recharge four hours
Automated Recharge No
Automated Resume No
Filter HEPA
Assortment Bin Capability 0.2L
Extraction 800pa Suction
Aspect Brushes 2
Navigation Sensor based mostly
Drop Sensors Yes
Bump Sensors Yes
Dust Detection Sensors No
Wireless Communications No
Cellular App No
Voice Instructions No
Distant Control No
Native Controls Sure
Scheduling No
Containment No
Full Bin Indicator Yes
Flooring Varieties All onerous flooring, Low pile carpeting
Warranty 1 yr
Worth Verify on Amazon

Various Choices

Should you feel that the Pure Clean isn’t the best robotic for you, listed here are another choices to think about.

Roomba 620

Roomba has a no-frills model in case you are trying to save a bit of money. You will still get the Roomba identify, the navigation, clean on exhausting floors in addition to low to excessive pile carpeting. You gained’t get the HEPA filtration although.

You also gained’t spend an arm and a leg to get a reliable, nearly upkeep free Roomba. You might not be capable of hook up with the robotic for cellular apps and voice instructions, however it can clear your flooring, has the power to use the digital wall obstacles and has a bigger collection bin.


If you would like a well-rounded machine, are uninterested in seeing the Roomba identify and just need a robotic that works, could be scheduled and has all the options you want and not one of the ones you don’t, the ILIFE A6 could also be up your alley.

In addition to being dependable and reasonably priced, you get a superior clean on exhausting surfaces and low pile carpeting. You also miss plenty of the options of the V collection, like mopping, brush rolls and communications, however in case you are into entry-level robots, it’s value a look.

bObSweep PetHair Plus

The PetHair Plus started the all-in-one craze by having a mopping pad that attaches to the bottom of the machine. Not only will it sweep and vacuum your exhausting flooring surfaces, however it’ll dry or damp mop them as properly.

Sadly, it is going to additionally try and mop your carpet, until you determine a method to block it from doing so. Nevertheless, when you don’t have a whole lot of carpets and need to have a vacuum that also Swiffer fashion cleans your flooring, that is it.

Regularly Asked Questions

I get requested questions all the time, and typically these questions need to cope with robotic vacuums just like the Pure Clean. Here, I reply the most typical asked questions, so that you don’t need to marvel about something.

Did I miss something? Ask me in the feedback section under and I will have my individuals contact your individuals.

Q. The proprietor’s guide exhibits totally different cleaning patterns, how do you select them?

A. You don’t. I do know, I know. You will get that look off your face, it’s not my fault. The robotic appears to do whatever it needs. From what I used to be capable of perceive from the testing and poking with a stick, there are three cleaning patterns resembling spiral, random, and edge cleansing.

Whenever you energy the robotic on and let it go about it’s business, it runs by means of a cleansing cycle utilizing all the patterns. First it’ll run randomly around your property cleansing because it goes.

From there it does a spiral sample, which, I assume ought to start in the midst of the room and work in the direction of the sides, but, with no mapping function, it doesn’t quite do this.

Then it runs until it hits a wall and cleans along the sides. Once it feels it has accomplished that, it can run another spiral sample. The robotic continues this pattern till you stop it, the collection bin becomes full, or the battery dies, which ever comes first.

Q. How can I maintain the Pure Clean from getting into the babies room?

A. Lions. Pet lions will shield the babies room type numerous issues, including the Pure Clean robotic. In all probability even your baby. Truly, lions are in all probability a nasty concept.

As an alternative, you’ll be able to close doors or put heavy gadgets in the best way that the robot will bump into and never be capable of push. There isn’t a proper technique of containment for the robotic, so you will have to use things you’ve got around the home.

Weighted pool noodles, child gates, lazy canine, work boots, things like that.

Q. How do the sensors work?

A. I type of passed over this within the article because there are only two sensors on the robot. Nevertheless, it’s a widespread question so I’ll reply right here with some element.

The PureClean robot vacuum navigating under furniture.

The robot makes use of a bump sensor situated on the front half of the unit. As the robot strikes alongside the bump sensor detects when the robotic is available in contact with an object or impediment. In line with the producer, the much less gadgets you will have on the ground, the higher. I assume it’s because the bump sensor is contact only and never acoustic, like a number of the others.

Acoustic sensors permit the robot to know something is arising and it might have to decelerate a bit. Regardless that the Pure Clean doesn’t move too quick, it can nonetheless bang into furnishings legs, walls, the child, and so forth. The bump sensor tells the robot that is dangerous and makes it change course.

The opposite sensor is the drop sensor. This sensor retains the robot from falling off ledges and stairs. The robot, so far as I know, has by no means been reported for taking an extended tumble down brief stairs. Nevertheless, the sensors that detect these ledges aren’t precisely on the edge of the machine.

There are two of them and they are situated simply earlier than the wheel. To me, this appears dangerous, but apparently it works. Though, if in case you have stairs, I might watch it a number of occasions to ensure.

Aside from that, there aren’t some other sensors on the robot. It means the pc has less to calculate and the battery has much less to energy, but more wouldn’t harm, for my part.

Q. How does it recharge with no docking station?

A. Magic beans will recharge the battery. The robot comes with a material pouch full off the suckers. You just throw them on your flooring and the robotic will gobble them up like Pac-Man, recharging because it goes.

When you don’t consider that (you shouldn’t) there’s an adapter you plug into the wall that you simply then plug into the robotic. It’s a must to do it manually, and it’s a must to turn the robot off before you plug it in.

There isn’t a docking station for this mannequin and no different means to charge it. You must bodily decide it up (it weighs lower than 4 kilos) take it to the wall outlet and plug it in. Then all it’s a must to do is wait 4 hours, unplug it and it is ready to go.

Q. What does the blinking mild imply?

A. It’s so airplanes can see it at midnight and never run into it throughout their descent.

Or, if has two meanings: The pink flashing mild means the battery is lifeless and the robotic must be recharged. It additionally signifies that the gathering bin is full and needs to be emptied. The robotic gained’t run with a full assortment bin (nor will it run with a lifeless battery, go figure).

The blue flashing mild means the robot is charging and shouldn’t be disturbed. Sort of like if you take your cellular phone into the toilet to play Candy Crush.

Q. How does it clean carpeting if it doesn’t have a brush roll?

A. Sheer will and willpower. The suction power is all the robot has for carpeting, which is why it is just rated for low pile carpet.

PureClean vacuuming an area rug.

It’s true the robotic won’t agitate the fibers and loosen and carry filth and particles from down deep in between the fibers. Nevertheless, any surface mud, dust and particles can be plucked right up and despatched to the gathering bin.

This robotic really wasn’t designed for an entire lot of carpet cleansing. It’s going to though, trigger it is a good little robot and does what it’s advised. Just don’t be stunned when your carpets nonetheless seem dingy after it runs over them.

It’s your upright vacuum’s job to do a radical and deep clear of your carpeting. It’s the Pure Clean robotic’s job to take care of the clear between upright makes use of. The extra you clear, the better the robot will perform. Type of counter productive, don’t you assume?

Q. What kind of upkeep can I anticipate?

A. You’ll be able to anticipate lots. Most robotic vacuums would require the identical upkeep as the Pure Clean robotic does. Nevertheless, because of the dimensions and lack of further options, one can find that you’re doing the maintenance more typically.

First, you will want to charge the robotic after each cleansing cycle. Should you began the cycle and left house, you will more than likely play cover and seek with the robot to find out the place it died so you’ll be able to recharge it.

Once you discover it, you will have to empty the collection bin. Just open the lid on the highest, pull it out and take it over to the trash can. Open the bin lid and take away the filter. Tip the bin into the trash and make sure it’s empty.

Look at the filter. The filter is washable, but typically you’ll need to wash it with a gentle bristled brush (like an previous tooth brush) to get it clean once more. Should you do wash it, ensure it is utterly dry before reinstalling it.

Additionally, you will want to turn the robot over and pet its belly. Whereas doing so, examine for hair and particles construct up across the aspect brushes. Finally, peek contained in the suction port and clear out any clogs, hairs or particles which might be trapped inside.

These steps, on most machines will have to be completed month-to-month (except for the gathering bin, in fact), and for the Pure Clean, will must be executed twice every week. It may be a pain, but it’ll maintain every part working higher.

In Conclusion

As you’ll be able to tell, the Pure Clean robot isn’t a nasty deal. Positive you miss out on a few of the fancy do-dads that other cleaners have, but you additionally save some huge cash. The Pure Clean is at present the least costly robot vacuum available on the market. You possibly can have one delivered to your door for less than $100. Which, is insane to be fairly trustworthy.

In case you are trying to get into the robotic flooring cleansing world, are on a decent price range and don’t have a whole lot of carpeting within the house, the Pure Clean might be the machine for you. Granted there’s plenty of additional upkeep, but for the cash, you actually can’t complain.

In a Nutshell

The Pure Clean robot is a really primary, single button, no bells and whistles sort of robotic cleaner. The way it navigates the flooring is actually beyond me, however it does, if if the robotic itself doesn’t know. It’s value a look for those with a small price range or are new to the market.

What I Like:

  • HEPA filtration for allergy victims.
  • Lengthy runtime for such a small battery.
  • Produces plenty of suction to wash most flooring varieties.

What I Don’t Like

  • The collection bin is method too small.
  • 4 hours to recharge is a bit much.
  • No controls, in any respect.