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PaperLike matte screen protector review for the iPad. Versus a cheap alternative from Amazon. Make your iPad feel like paper.

The iPad is nice for consuming content material. Shopping the net, watching YouTube videos, reading magazines and books. But in case you have a newer iPad that supports the Apple Pencil, it may well do a lot extra and it’s reworked how I exploit it. I’ll cover how I exploit the Apple Pencil with my iPad in an upcoming article, so please subscribe to my YouTube channel when you haven’t already.

However one thing I shortly came upon, was that writing on glass doesn’t feel very pure – and I know it’s not just me!

The overall suggestion is to use a matte screen protector, to provide the iPad a extra paper like feel with your Apple Pencil. There are a few options for matte screen protectors on Amazon, beginning from round £7 or $eight. The cheaper ones don’t mention the paper-like experience however there’s a properly marketed product referred to as PaperLike that does. It was the product of a Kickstarter campaign, designed specifically to offer the feel of paper with your Apple Pencil.

PaperLike is over three occasions the worth of the least expensive options on Amazon, and lots of of the online evaluations on YouTube are sponsored by PaperLike themselves, so it’s very arduous to reliably set up precisely what the difference is, if there’s any, between their product and the cheaper options.

So I’ve bought, put in and examined the least expensive matte screen protector I might find on Amazon, from a firm referred to as kwmobile, towards PaperLike itself.

I’m utilizing the screen protectors on the 2018 iPad, which is the least expensive present iPad. Lots of the different evaluations I’ve seen, set up these protectors on the costlier iPads including the iPad Execs which have laminated screens. That is necessary to say since the primary iPad doesn’t have a laminated screen and subsequently has a small air gap between the glass and display, which can turn out to be related shortly.


Putting in PaperLike

I ordered PaperLike instantly from Germany and it arrived a couple of days later to the UK. It comes in a arduous envelope with some primary installation instructions, and a suggestion to observe a video on the set up process at paper.me. The video is value watching, whether or not you’re acquainted with putting in screen protectors or not.

For £25 or just beneath $33, you get 2 protectors and a couple of moist wipes, dry wipes, information stickers and mud stickers. I start by giving the iPad an initial clean with a microfibre material. You then use the information stickers to rigorously align the protector with aspect one dealing with the screen. The screen protector then opens like a e-book. Clear the screen completely with the moist wipe, paying close attention to the button and digital camera space. Then remove any moisture with the dry wipe.

Now you can use the mud sticker to mop up any remaining mud particles. Peel again aspect one dealing with the iPad and let it stick with the iPad screen.

There can be air bubbles – use a plastic card which isn’t included, to push the bubbles to the closest aspect. It’s quite a satisfying process if a bit tedious. As long as the bubbles aren’t from a mud particle, you must have the ability to remove all of them in underneath 10 minutes. When you do have a dust particle and it’s close to the edge, I’ve successfully used 2 items of Scotch tape: 1 to rigorously carry the screen protector and the other bit to get the offending mud particle.

Apple Pencil can be used to remove cussed bubbles

The ultimate step is to take away aspect two and then take away any small bubbles remaining. The Apple Pencil makes fairly a good software to take away any small, stubborn bubbles.

Kwmobile prices slightly below £7 or $eight. With it, you additionally get 2 protectors, but just one small moist wipe, dry wipe and an virtually ineffective dust sticker that jogs my memory of the fortune telling fish you get in Christmas crackers. Simply use some Scotch tape. There’s additionally no guide stickers, but I once more used some Scotch tape and used the similar procedure as with the PaperLike.

The one bodily distinction distinction between the 2 protectors is the kwmobile only has a small hole for the digital camera, which is tough to align. The PaperLike has a larger gap for the digital camera and the ambient mild sensor. The sensor still appeared to work ok coated up by the kwmobile.

There isn’t a large distinction between the set up of both protectors, though the PaperLike comes with two units of accessories and does provide extra useful steerage – particularly by way of the video. But that advice could be adopted with any protector.

I might actually like to see an alignment body for utterly foolproof installation, especially for the value of the PaperLike. However the guide stickers work okay.

Should you’ve only installed glass protectors, the set up course of will appear a faff and does require some endurance. I nonetheless had one stubborn bubble round the digital camera that I couldn’t remove and there was no dust there.

Each screen protectors thin at solely zero.12mm

Each protectors are the similar thickness: 0.12mm which could be very thin – simply a fraction thicker than printer paper, and they are barely seen as soon as put in, with an virtually good match proper as much as the edge of the iPad.

Putting in in a lipped case can raise protector

This does imply that putting in into a case which has any lip to it, can carry the protector. I’m unsure there’s really a answer to this, until they make slightly smaller protectors for use with instances. In case you’re going to use with a case, it’s essential be even more cautious with alignment, ensuring the minute hole round the fringe of the protector is strictly even all the method around, to provide you the greatest probability of the case not inflicting too much hassle. But you’ll most probably nonetheless get some lifting, which you’ll have to poke again beneath the lip. After a couple of days I found any bubbles brought on by this concern principally went away, so so long as you’re not taking the iPad out and in of the case an excessive amount of and you’re not super fussy you’ll in all probability be ok.

I’ve found I favor to use my Apple sensible cowl now, so this is not a problem for me.

In use

Adding a matte protector reduces decision, distinction and brightness.

The first time you flip your iPad on with the new PaperLike screen protector, it’s quite a shock to see your shiny, sharp screen look virtually milky in appearance. It’s far worse viewing at an angle, I think about resulting from the air gap I discussed earlier between the glass and show. You don’t get the rainbow impact customers describe with the iPad Pro – but I’d say that is worse.

Text just isn’t anyplace close to as sharp – it virtually appears blurry. And brightness can also be lowered. So you’ll get some discount in battery life with the protector on, until you’re proud of a dimmer screen.

Writing on PaperLike in Notability or Procreate for example does feel good

But writing in Notability and drawing in Procreate on the screen does feel really nice. It feels much more pure and you have more control. It doesn’t actually feel like paper, however the rougher texture of the PaperLike does feel and sound fairly totally different to glass.

The sound of tapping, exaggerated on the non laminated show, can also be dampened slightly.

The kwmobile screen protector still reduces the display high quality, however to a lesser extent than the PaperLike. Text nonetheless seems to be fairly sharp, even at an angle. And it doesn’t scale back the brightness as a lot.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t feel as tough as the PaperLike and writing and drawing on it isn’t as consistent, resulting in the Apple Pencil typically slipping like it does on glass. At first I actually didn’t like it at all. I did get used to it to a degree, however still most popular the feel of PaperLike. There’s some lack of sensitivity with the kwmobile, leading to some quicker, lighter strokes not picked up. This isn’t apparent with PaperLike, besides typically when pinch zooming with your fingers.

Matte protectors do a good job at decreasing reflections, and scale back fingerprints too

The screen protectors additionally do a good job of decreasing reflections. And fingerprints are much less apparent. I used to be also getting some very faint scratches on the iPad’s glass – only seen when the screen was off and in certain mild. These screen covers will supply some safety, though this is my third iPad and I have by no means felt the need for any screen safety before.

I had the PaperLike on for round a week earlier than making an attempt the kwmobile, however there are a giant number of scratches already on it. These are also only seen in sure mild, however it does make me marvel how long before it’d need changing. PaperLike recommend cleansing with soap and a moist material to restore the paper-like feel, but this in fact gained’t eliminate any scratches. I haven’t had he kwmobile on as long, nevertheless it seems to be less prone to scratches.


Using one in every of these screen covers is a tradeoff. When you’re proud of the feel of the Apple Pencil on glass, and you’re not concerned about the small probability of choosing up micro-scratches, I’d maintain the screen bare.

However in case you write or draw a lot with your iPad, I might attempt considered one of these matte screen protectors out – it’s fairly subjective. Personally I’m going to stay with the PaperLike. I wasn’t anticipating as a lot difference towards the cheaper kwmobile, each positively and negatively. But general I do favor its feel and extra importantly its consistency. After a week of use, I did get principally used to the discount in screen high quality, which is particularly noticeable net shopping and reading magazines. Not so much watching movies, writing notes or drawing.

If you wish to save some money and only use the Apple Pencil sometimes, I imagine you’d be very happy with the kwmobile or any of the cheaper choices on Amazon. And the kwmobile at the least, doesn’t have an effect on the iPad’s display as much, which is a massive plus.

But it’s a compromise. If the novelty of using the Apple Pencil to finally substitute pen and paper diminishes, it’s coming straight off!

I hope you discovered this article useful. When you’ve got any specific questions, please do ask under in the comments part – I do my greatest to answer to any questions.

And as ever when you’ve got discovered the review helpful, please consider using the affiliate links under for any purchases. It doesn’t value you a penny, and the small quantity of fee I get will hold the website going! Thanks.

PaperLike [Amazon]: http://geni.us/kHkgI | kwmobile [Amazon]: http://geni.us/icWQ