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Latest The Division 2 Update Adds New Gunner Specialization, New Clan Features, and More

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 was geared up to receive its fourth main title update, and it was nicely well worth the wait. The fourth title update introduces the Gunner specialization, and performs several appreciable additions to the Clans system.

Not solely that, the update reworked all Specializations’ expertise timber, performed quite a few stability modifications to weapons, gadgets, and PvP content, and naturally, countless bug fixes and basic efficiency improvements.

New specialization: Gunner
Introducing the first post-launch Specialization! The Gunner is provided with a strong minigun and will serve as the vanguard for SHD agents.
Particular Area Research
To unlock the Specialization when Title Update 4 hits the reside servers, you’ll be tasked to finish 5 levels of in-game challenges!
Yr One Move house owners will unlock the Specialization instantly however may also be capable of go on a Special Subject Analysis, unlocking distinctive cosmetic rewards!
Modified Clan Weekly Tasks to be simpler to complete for smaller clans.
Lowered CXP necessities for each tier of Clan Cache.
Invitations and be a part of requests that have not been responded to within 28 days will routinely be faraway from the clan inbox.
Added final on-line standing to point out when clan members have been last lively.
Added a weekly reset timer the clan development menu, giving a transparent indicator on when it is possible for you to to gather your cache.
Added indicators for members already in a gaggle, and what number of free areas are available on the clan roster page.
Added a new “Keyword” section within the clan details, allowing gamers to select from an inventory of predefined phrases to describe their clan.
Added “Keyword” search performance when in search of a clan.
The clan member who earns the highest distinction of the week will receive a medal icon over their identify in the clan roster.
Clan insignia is now seen when using photograph mode
Generic Protocol Mod and Generic System Mod can not be outfitted in Excessive-End, Gear Set and Exotic gadgets.
You will nonetheless be capable of equip them in lower quality gadgets.
All other mods could be outfitted in slots matching their sort (Offense, Protection, Utility).
Developer comment: Generic mods could possibly be stacked in unhealthy ways and the gear mod eco system has not been in a spot we’re proud of and it had led to some undesirable conduct corresponding to low-level farming for generic mods.
Roosevelt Island
Delivery containers containing virus samples will now be easier to spot.
Specific skills necessities for undertaking donations has been removed.
Duplicate/crafted gadgets requirement for challenge donations has been removed.
Added World Tier 5 necessities for some tasks.
Elevated rewards for many tasks.
All Specializations have acquired a expertise tree rework.
Eliminated “bulletproof” backpacks from NPCs that might block all incoming injury.
Decreased acceleration of NPCs when repositioning in cowl.
Enabled Engineer archetype NPCs to setup Turrets on the ground if no legitimate cover place exists.
Fastened numerous points with Controller archetype NPCs getting caught or being unresponsive in sure situations.
NPCs can’t be suppressed when deploying a Drone.
Eliminated redundant “!” for brand spanking new gadgets shown in Cache Content material in Proficiency Caches.
Apparel Caches should now solely show a “!” in the UI when a key’s acquired and as soon as the important thing has been seen ought to disappear.
There’s now a timer that exhibits the cooldown before with the ability to kick a participant from a gaggle.
Additional improved the Reviver Hive which should end in it more reliably reviving downed agents.
Assault Drone
After killing its current goal, the Assault Drone will now attack the enemy the player is at present capturing. If no goal is being shot, it should assault the closest enemy to its owner as an alternative.
New Unique Holster: Dodgy City Gunslinger’s Holster
The talent description now states the meant cooldown of 60 seconds.
Additional improved Discovery Deserves to allow loot packing containers opened by different players rely in the direction of every group member’s progress.
Dark Zone
Players can now go Rogue within the Occupied Dark Zone. Dealing injury to other Agents (outdoors of your group) will cause the participant to disavow The Division.
There isn’t a grey Rogue in the ODZ. Damaging other Brokers is the only solution to go Rogue in the ODZ.
Further Manhunt ranks have been added to the ODZ. Players still need to clear their bounties at SHD terminals, but further rewards can be found to players who clear (or declare) a high rank bounty.
Manhunt ranks at the moment are infinite within the ODZ. Killing other Brokers increases the participant’s Manhunt rank, along with their Dark Zone XP rewards on a profitable bounty clear. Compete on a new leaderboard for the very best ODZ Manhunt rank!
Rifle PvP injury modifier increased to 1.7.
Shotgun PvP injury modifier increased to 1.65.
Bug fixes
Fastened bizarre lighting in some tunnels.
Fastened a problem the place grouped gamers might disconnect after leaving a Categorised Task.
Fastened a problem the place enemy NPCs might lose monitor of gamers in Operation Dark Hours.
Fastened a problem where gamers can be unable to say the weekly Clan Cache.
Fastened a problem the place rails in DZ West didn’t seem on limitations surrounding a checkpoint.
Fastened a problem the place Grasp Sergeant Quiroz in the Area Administration HQ would bounce down earlier than meant. He was a bit to eager.
Fastened a problem the place an explosion was missing in the Area Administration HQ before Master Sergeant Quiroz seems.
Fastened a problem the place Weasel’s weapon might fly out of his hand. Sweaty palms is usually a actual situation for some individuals.
Fastened a problem where players couldn’t be attacked at a sure spot in the Stadium map.
Fastened a problem where several collectibles wouldn’t routinely play when picked up.
Fastened a problem the place the accuracy of a participant in the Exercise Abstract might be unfavourable.
Fastened a problem the place opening the Prime CXP Clan menu might cause frame drops.
Fastened a problem where the target for “Return to the White House” wouldn’t complete in case you skipped the cinematic.
Fastened a problem where players might get caught when being revived by another player and the Control Point Officer at the similar time.
Fastened a problem which would forestall players from opening the Strategic information when downed in Operation Dark Hours.
Fastened a problem which might forestall the Call for Help animation to be visible for different gamers.
Fastened a problem the place inspecting a participant via the social menu after being downed might trigger the menu UI to persist throughout gameplay.
Fastened a problem where the “Open Cache” and “Back” buttons on the Attire Event Cache UI would disappear, when urgent each buttons at the similar time.
Fastened a problem where Hunters could possibly be revived outdoors the radius of their Reviver Hive, as well as being revived a vast amount of time.
Fastened a problem the place enemy NPC faces wouldn’t appropriately target gamers whereas strafing.
Fastened a problem where NPCs might get caught whereas spawning in DZ East.
Fastened a problem where players might stare into the void.
Fastened a problem the place players might leap right into a patio they need to not have access to. No trespassing!
Fastened an exploit that allowed the Hive talent to turn out to be un-targetable and shoot at enemy players at a selected location on Fort McNair.
Fastened a problem where setting the problem degree for a mission from within a Categorised Task did not apply that problem degree and didn’t reset the mission.
Fastened a problem the place gamers might obtain a number of Ivory Keys from the same Hunter.
Fastened a problem where NPC velocity after turning can be incorrect.
Fastened a problem where NPCs would skip animations after leaping.
Fastened a problem the place the Call for Backup wouldn’t be acquired by gamers having the option activated.
Fastened a problem the place gamers might spawn under the map when teleporting to a reconnecting player.
Fastened a problem the place the audio might get corrupted when enjoying a cinematic.
Fastened a problem where Lucy and Buddy might turn into completely invulnerable in Operation Darkish Hours.
Fastened a problem where audio for collectibles might grow to be corrupted after prolonged gameplay.
Fastened a problem where players might turn into unable to interact with the agent’s observe in the “Investigate the Safe House” aspect mission.
Fastened a problem the place players have been unable to work together with the laptop and liberate a Protected Home.
Fastened a problem where players might get stuck in the map overview after finishing the Darkish Zone South intro mission.
Fastened a problem where a participant might revive a number of brokers at the similar time with the Reviver Hive.
Fastened a problem the place the problem of a bounty can be totally different within the Bounties tab and the Mega Map.
Fastened a problem the place players might be revived by the Reviver Hive after the Razorback encounter ended when the whole workforce was downed.
Fastened a problem where when putting a turret on a automotive the Turret would drop right down to the ground.
Fastened a problem where gamers might typically not have the ability to transfer around round cowl.
Fastened a problem where players would have the ability to see via the map when taking a look at a window on the Stadium map.
Fastened several issues the place the turrets in DZ-West would hearth at Rogue Agents beyond the meant range.
Fastened a problem the place a turret in the DZ-West might hearth by means of a fence at Checkpoint Delta.
Fastened a problem the place Turrets might fall by way of the ground, roof and different objects.
Fastened a problem where gamers would be capable of see by way of the map when taking a look at a window in DZ-West.
Fastened a problem where the dialogue audio might change to English when enjoying with a special language setting.
Fastened a problem that would cause FPS drops on PC when opening the Ubisoft Club Rewards.
Fastened a problem where random Open World encounters wouldn’t spawn.
Fastened a problem the place a number of elements of the Specialization UI have been missing localization.
Fastened some weird doors.
Fastened a problem where some Assault Rifles would not hinge appropriately on the Crusader Defend.
Fastened a problem the place players can be unable to inspect apparel inside the Apparel Occasion Cache UI.
Fastened a problem where urgent the “Inspect” and “View Stats” buttons on the similar time would cause the text from the 2 pages to overlap in the UI.
Fastened some bizarre stairs.
Fastened a problem where additional ammunition from mods wouldn’t correctly be added to Expertise.
Fastened a problem where Manny would repeatedly thank brokers for saving hostages in a Categorized Task. He’s actually thankful, ok?
Fastened a problem where Battle Caches might reward loot under the player’s World Tier when enjoying with lower degree brokers in a celebration.
Fastened a problem that didn’t permit participant to see previous Distinctions of the Week in the Clan Quarters.
Fastened a problem the place killed NPCs might clip via objects they fell on.
Fastened a problem where notifications toasts have been missing when completing an exercise, after abandoning several tasks in a row.
Fastened a problem the place Inaya al-Khaliq would stay in an A-Pose after being recruited. She has now relaxed.
Fastened a problem where inspecting a participant would present the inspecting player’s stats as an alternative.
Fastened a problem where reloading while using a Defend would play the mistaken animation.
Fastened a problem where the debriefing audio after completing a mission might play several occasions.
Fastened icons on Auxiliary Talent Mods which should now show the icon of the Talent they are often outfitted in

Tell us how you’re fairing with The Division 2’s new specialization.

[Source: Ubisoft]