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How To Become a YouTuber in 2019 (5 Steps)

​I all the time thought I might like to turn into a YouTuber.

That’s why I started my own YouTube channel and revealed my first video on the first of January of 2019.

I used to be capable of develop ​that channel from zero to 1,000 subscribers in 1 month and 12 days because of my background and expertise as an search engine optimization skilled.

​Nevertheless, I additionally discovered a lot about being a YouTuber from that have.

​I feel like writing a publish ​for these which might be interested in turning into a YouTuber would assist them put together for what’s coming.

​Let’s just say that turning into a YouTuber isn’t what you assume it ​is

I need to be sure to don’t make the same errors I did, so sit again since you’re in for a treat. Now, let’s begin.

Do you actually need to be a YouTuber?

It’s straightforward to see all the great issues that well-known YouTubers present you, however there’s extra to it than that.

These on-line celebrities had to put in days, months and even years of labor before making any cash from this.

These millionaire YouTubers didn’t start creating movies because of the cash, they did it because they enjoyed it.

The truth is that you simply will be unable to keep up creating content material until you’re keen on doing it.

Consider me, I’ve been there.

I was capable of develop my channel extraordinarily quick—in all probability quicker than 99% of latest YouTubers—and that’s awesome.

But sadly, I’ve realized that I don’t take pleasure in creating these kinds of videos like I assumed I might.

Similar thing may occur to you, so you have to ask yourself why do you need to start a YouTube channel?

You’re NOT made for YouTube if these apply to you:

  • ​You​ need to turn into worldwide well-known together with your videos
  • ​You solely care about making ​cash on YouTube
  • ​You aren’t prepared to put in hours of labor ​whereas not getting paid for it

​In my case, I assumed I might be joyful if I might make simply sufficient money to cover my dwelling expenses from making videos enjoying video video games.

​Sadly, having to play the same recreation for the complete day ​acquired a bit previous for me.

​Having to entertain individuals the whole time I’m enjoying whereas ensuring I’m not operating into recording drawback​s was not what I enjoyed about video games.

I need to press play, sit again and loosen up… and making movies made it a extra annoying surroundings​.

​I really like video games, however it simply appears I don’t take pleasure in creating content about them.

Similar thing may happen to you, that’s why you might want to ensure you do that for the best cause.

You’re made for YouTube if these apply to you:​​​

  • ​You take pleasure in helping others and giving advice free of charge
  • You’re keen on recording movies for enjoyable
  • ​You get excited by the considered ​creating a group and ​attending to know new individuals day-after-day

​You don’t get into YouTube to earn money. There are other methods of creating wealth which are far more efficient than beginning a YouTube channel.

That’s why you need to know that you simply’re wanting in the fitting place. It is advisable to know what you need.

That’s step number one.

When you’re convinced you’ll love the YouTuber way of life, then hold reading.

​2) Select the Matter of Your Channel

​If you want to make it as a YouTuber in this yr, you will have to select a area of interest.

A distinct segment is principally a group of those that share the identical interest ​or that want to fulfill the identical wants.

Some ​area of interest examples:

  • Gaming
  • Make-up
  • Sports
  • ​Music

However the actual secret to making it on YouTube is focusing on a really small area of interest.

The niches above are approach too broad and aggressive, you need to as an alternative go deeper than that and ​area of interest down even additional.

​​It’s like zooming in and discovering these little niches which are inside of every broad area of interest.

For instance:

​Degree 3 Area of interest (Goal these)

​Makeup types that famous individuals use

​Training for brand spanking new soccer players

​Heavy metallic songs tutorials

​Hopefully these examples offers you an concept of what you have to be concentrating on.

The trick right here is discovering a specific area of interest that you simply’d love to speak about and that you could create sufficient content material for.

​This doesn’t mean that you would be able to’t speak about other things. You can too do the following:

  1. ​Begin with a very specific area of interest
  2. Report all of the movies you possibly can masking each single facet of it
  3. Broaden to a comparable area of interest
  4. Repeat

​But Will, I need to report vlogs about my life, how can I find a area of interest about my very own life?

​​That’s why I don’t advocate starting immediately with a vlogging channel.

You have to appeal to individuals to your videos, and the one option to do it’s by ​creating worth together with your videos.

​​Appeal to individuals by making tutorials, inspiring them or educating them about a topic they need assistance with.

After they hear a lot from you and you grow to be extra acquainted, they may need to know more about you.

​That’s when you can start recording vlogs: when individuals begin caring about your life.

​Individuals don’t care abou​​​​​​t your life until they know who you’re first.

​3) Gear Up

​Now it’s essential to begin serious about your gear.

​The essential belongings you’ll want are:

  1. ​Digital camera
  2. Microphone
  3. Lighting

Of all three, in all probability the ​latter two are an important.​​​​​​

Digital camera

Most newcomers assume that they’ll have to spend hundreds on digital camera to document good high quality video.

The reality is which you can begin together with your telephone’s digital camera.

In truth, I recommend doing this as a result of you possibly can check the waters first and see for those who take pleasure in recording video before committing cash.

In the event you combine a respectable telephone digital camera with good lighting, you’ll be able to create Full HD video that looks ok for YouTube.

Just get a tripod in your digital camera and you can begin recording videos.

You need to assume more concerning the other gear you’ll need.



In case you’re just beginning to document videos, the first thing you will underestimate is lighting.

Dangerous lighting will make a $3,000 digital camera seem like $50.

The reason being that cameras want a lot extra mild than us to be able to “see” and capture clear photographs.

I’ve created a publish about one of the best lighting for YouTube videos here.

Usually, you must do superb when you’ve got a vibrant residence and movie through the day, but proudly owning a lighting package will help you document underneath any pure mild situation.

Also, lighting kits are pretty reasonably priced on Amazon—far more reasonably priced than a good digital camera.

​four) Begin Recording and Training


​So you already know ​your area of interest and have your gear, now you’ll be able to ​start on the lookout for topics in your movies.

What can you train individuals to do in your area of interest?

Begin creating helpful movies and don’t attempt to make them good in the beginning.

Whenever you’re starting, you must simply concentrate on working towards talking to a digital camera.

It’s going to really feel weird in the start, but you’ll slowly begin turning into better at it.

​Do not get discouraged for those who’re really struggling, no one was born with good digital camera presence.

I was horrible ​in the start and it really was embarrasing at first, however you get used to it.

​Also, you will want to start out working towards your modifying and thumbnail design expertise.

These are two things you will study somehow.


I like to recommend you begin on the lookout for modifying tutorials on YouTube.

Here’s additionally a listing of excellent modifying software you need to use on your movies.

You will notice that modifying goes to take a lot of time. That is normal, most YouTubers spend far more time modifying than recording.

This is where issues begin feeling like a grind, and right here’s the place you’ll really check if you want to do this in the long term.

​Thumbn​​​​​ail ​Design

​​Primary designing expertise ​are very important to have a profitable YouTube channel.

Fortunately, anybody can study this beautiful shortly.

You need to use a website like ​Canva to design good-looking thumbnails in your movies.​​​

You’d have the ability to design more professional thumbnails in Photoshop, but that’s a premium program that ​requires more advanced designing expertise​.

Canva is the better answer, and is what most YouTubers begin using earlier than with the ability to pay a designer or studying Photoshop.

​Publish Typically

​The primary requirement for you to have the ability to grow a YouTube channel is with the ability to publish content material typically.

How typically?

​Publish a minimum of 1 video a week.

​​Now, just to be clear, this is the bare minimum!

You must goal to at the least 3 movies per week.​​​

The more typically you do it, the quicker you’ll enhance your “YouTuber skills”, and the extra views you’ll get.

The YouTube algorithm ​​cares A LOT about how typically you publish content.

So you will not solely get extra apply, but in addition your channel is going to get promoted to extra individuals by the algorithm.​​​

5) Study YouTube search engine optimisation

If you wish to grow your channel, you’ll need to study what works and what doesn’t work for YouTube.

​What is YouTube web optimization?

​​Search Engine Optimization (web optimization) is about making your content simpler to be found by search engines like google and yahoo and the individuals on the lookout for content by means of them.

​Keep in mind that YouTube is a search engine that ​searches ​movies for individuals to observe.​​​

The ​YouTube algorithm​ is what decides what movies are value ​recommending to ​individuals on their website.

The algorithm might be your greatest good friend or your worst enemy.

You actually need to know ​how YouTube decides what content material to advertise on their website, and make your videos attraction to that.

That you must know:

  • How to title your movies to attract more viewers
  • How to encourage feedback and likes in your videos
  • Use the correct quantity of tags so you don’t confuse the algorithm
  • How to use your thumbnails to extend CTR
  • ​How to make individuals ​watch extra ​of your movies
  • ​Much more…

​Study properly what works and what doesn’t, and you’ll get hundreds of latest viewers when you sleep.

There’s a lot to study this, however that is the final level since you first have to study to document good movies.

After that, you can start studying about YouTube search engine optimization.

In all probability, you gained’t love this half about being a YouTuber.

Personally, this is the part I take pleasure in probably the most—perhaps that is why I acquired bored of creating videos and determined to focus extra on serving to YouTubers with this facet quite than creating videos myself.

I train a lot about this in my programs, so I encourage you to sign up to my ​free course​ ​”From zero to 1,000 Subscribers in 1 month and 12 days” to start out studying about YouTube search engine optimization.


You first have to ensure you need to turn into a YouTuber for the proper reasons, or else you will end up losing a lot of time.

You don’t do this for the money or the fame, it is advisable to do it since you take pleasure in it.

For those who don’t get this proper, you’ll not get anyplace.

After that, you can start fascinated with what you need to speak about in your movies.

Be specific together with your topic, and begin planning all the movies which you could ​make around that subject.

​Assist individuals achieve things, remedy issues or inspire them. That is the way you’ll appeal to ​new viewers to your videos and switch them into subscribers.

Get ready to start out recording with the best gear; keep in mind that your digital camera just isn’t an important gear you need. Microphone and lighting will make the most important distinction.

​Don’t spend a lot of money on gear from the start.

After you begin recording and getting higher at making good videos, and you understand that you simply’ll love doing this for a very long time, start studying more about YouTube search engine optimisation and get better gear.

​Making use of this data will make YouTube advocate your videos to more individuals effortlessly.

The more views you appeal to, the more fans you’ll earn and the extra money you’ll get.

Ultimately, it is possible for you to to make it a full-time activity if you would like it.