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Dyson V10 Absolute vs Animal vs Motorhead

To be trustworthy:

Anyone that offers with vacs know concerning the identify Dyson.

We are positive you no totally different!

Of late, there have been a number of models which have swept off the vacuum business. Point out needs to be made concerning the Dyson V10 collection. actually is all that you desire to in a vac.

But What is the Greatest Variant For You??? Dyson V10 Absolute OR Animal Or Motorhead???

We’ll enable you to determine on what’s right for you.

Fast Summary:

All three Absolute, Animal, and Motorhead delivers the same superior performance. The important thing variations to think about are the attachments, equipment got here with each variant and the mud bin capacity.

  • V10 absolute is the top tier variant with max accessories and larger filth bin measurement. In case you are in the home with exhausting flooring mainly or in search of the complete packed vacuum cleaner, get the V10 Absolute.
  • V10 Animal is almost equivalent to the V10 Absolute. The tender roller cleaner head is the only attachment you possibly can’t get it with the Animal. If your house is usually with the carpets to be cleaned and in addition with different surfaces. Go for V10 Animal.
  • V10 Motorhead is the essential variant with no additional accessories and in addition maller dust bin measurement. But considering the suction energy, battery life it’s all just like the other variants. Go for this Reasonably priced mannequin.

Right here is the comparability table which helps you discover the key variations at a glance.

Dyson V10 Absolute vs V10 Animal vs V10 Motorhead – Comparison table

Dyson V10 Absolute V10 Animal V10 Motorhead
Advanced Digital Motor Yes Yes Sure
Weight 5.9lbs 5.9lbs 5.5lbs
Colour Copper and Blue Purple Purple
Battery Life (Run Time) 60 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes
Mud Bin Measurement 0.2 gallons 0.2 gallons zero.14 gallons
Energy Modes (Three) Yes Yes Sure
HEPA filtration Yes Sure Yes
Convenient Docking Station (Wall mount) Sure Yes Sure
Handheld convertable Yes Yes Sure
Accessories Crevice device

Mixture software

Mini motorized software

Smooth Dusting Brush

Torque Driver cleaner head

Gentle curler cleaner head

Crevice device

Mixture device

Mini motorized software

Mushy Dusting Brush

Torque Driver cleaner head

Crevice device

Mixture software

Direct Driver cleaner head

Worth Examine Worth on Amazon Examine Worth on Amazon Examine Worth on Amazon
What concerning the Costly worth tags?

Properly, to cut issues brief Dyson is a model that has been dominating the marketplace for years. They’ve been recognized to incorporate huge improvements of their merchandise and that’s what has stored them ahead of their competitors. Every thing is sweet, however what about their excessive worth tags?

Sure. Dysons are expensive. You’ll have to shell out a couple of additional bucks but the fact is these merchandise last for a long time and are definitely value buying.

Since you might have heard about different names out there nonetheless chances are you’ll be dealing with a troublesome time deciding on Dyson v10 Absolute vs Animal vs Motorhead. Take a look at the key variations coated in short under:

What are the important thing notable differences? (Dyson V10 Motorhead vs Animal vs Absolute)

Three variants (Absolute, Animal, and Motorhead) are all alike. They all came up with an identical battery, engine, and deliver comparable robust suction. This leaves us with very few situations of comparisons and differences. Yes, there’s a little bit of distinction that Dyson deliberately might have created. We’ve got forked up a number of pointers that show you how to determine additional, like:


Nevertheless, probably the most hanging contrasts are the adornments which might be included with the capacity of the residue canister. As well as, the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute incorporates probably the most accessories and has the bigger dustbin. The Dyson V10 Animal incorporates nearly nearly all of equal attachments from the Absolute and has the equivalent estimated dust container. The Dyson V10 Motorhead has accessories which might be very primary, and considerably a smaller dust vessel.


There are just a couple of key contrasts that set the V10 Animal aside from the V10 Motorhead pertaining to their Motorhead. First off, when you’ll get a mechanized cleaning head with each, the top that ship with the Motorhead is the elemental direct drive engine head while that included with the V10 Animal is Dyson’s new torque drive engine head.

As per Dyson, it’s 25% extra grounded than this drive head. Principally, while we will’t consider the distinction between the heads as exactly as Dyson did, we do concur that it appears to be all of the extra dominant as estimated by how considerably much less time it took to vacuum the dust we examined on a hard flooring. In addition to this, you get two additional apparatuses with the Animal than with the Motorhead. The smaller than normal delicate cleaning brush and the scaled down mechanized instrument; nor is particularly primary, albeit each are respectable to have.

Cleaning efficiency

Quite frankly, you possibly can think about the Motorhead to be a darkish horse amongst all the fashions from the V10 collection. It definitely is the most cost effective and has not been adorned with too many attachments, but is a workhorse for people who know learn how to utilize a vacuum. It’s more appropriate for low pile carpet for residential use.

However, Animal and Absolute are expensive in comparison to the Motorhead. Absolute will work greatest inside houses with both exhausting flooring and rug because it accompanies units for such (delicate roller cleaner head). The animal with its drive cleaner head serves as the right selection for cleaning carpet and the mini-motorized brush may be put to wash upholstery (made of cloth).

Once more, if in case you have pets and your house has a lot of the flooring coated with carpet, then the Animal can be a superior various. Nonetheless, the MotorHead will prevent cash, if you are able to do with the smaller bin and the shortage of instruments.

Bin Measurement (Dustbin capability)

Each Animal and Absolute have a capacity of zero.2 gallons, but the Motorhead has 0.14 gallons of a bin. People who vacuum each day might find this to be a more handy function.


The Absolute and Animal mannequin weighs 5.9 kilos and the Motorhead model weighs 5.5 pounds. You’re in all probability not going to see this distinction whereas working with either of them.


Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute is on the market in two colors, copper and blue, whereas Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal could be present in purple and Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead is quickly obtainable in pink colour. That is another distinction that you may document.

Similar Key Options – Dyson V10 Evaluation (Absolute, Animal, Motorhead)

The three totally different fashions don’t have a lot of a distinction and that is likely one of the main the reason why individuals have problem in deciding which to buy. You need to first research your personal choice and requirement as it is going to enable you to zero in. listed here are some pointers that should show you the best way.


Dyson likes to take care of uniformity in its merchandise so these three vacuums don’t look very totally different when it comes to design. They’re made using refined know-how and are quite lightweight.  All three of them have fantastic features that make the cleaning process so much simpler. Since these are cordless models you don’t have to fret about mobility and tripping over a wire. Dyson has removable wands for the fashions and once you’re carried out cleaning, you detach the wand and retailer them.


The advantage of buying a vacuum from Dyson is that they are extremely moveable and these three models are good examples. That is one purpose why consumers choose this brand over other reputed manufacturers.

  • Handheld– While choosing from Dyson v10 Absolute, Animal,  and Motorhead, you must know that each one of them can be utilized as handheld units. So this implies you get to take pleasure in extra freedom to wash around the home.
  • Cordless– All of the three models are cordless which suggests you possibly can move around the house freely and clean no matter you like. These vacuums can be utilized like uprights this can be a main enchancment over the previous fashions.

Cleansing Performance

The Dyson V10 collection is extremely versatile and are designed to work on any surface. This collection has acquired a critical upgrade than the previous fashions and the cleansing process has improved by leaps and bounds. With any of the three variants, you possibly can clear upholsteries, stairs and, exhausting floors. When you have pets within the and there’s a lot of pet hair mendacity round you wouldn’t have to worry about it.

  • Torque drive cleaner head – This sometimes used to wash the hardwood floors. The curler head not solely removes filth but in addition produces a refined effect on the floors. The cleansing heads are so good that they get rid of all probabilities of the floor from sustaining scratches.
  • V10 motor– The motor in this V10 collection could be very highly effective and never very noisy in any respect. When the vacuum is used in the maximum the efficiency increases by leaps and bounds.


The battery life on this vacuum is sort of spectacular you’ll be able to anticipate a full hour of non-stop usage. The battery reaches full charge in simply 3.5 hours which is a large improvement over the previous models. The vacuums come with lithium batteries which suggests you will get extra out this gadget. The batteries have the power to carry out properly regardless of what the settings are. Should you occur to be a average consumer then you could have to recharge the system extra typically. The good news is that Dyson supplies a sturdy docking station for you to charge and retailer the cleaner.

Absolutely Sealed Filtration System

The vacuums have very comparable capacity to hold dust and debris solely the Motorhead variant has a 0.53L. Nevertheless, this is not an obstacle at all. Don’t be fooled by the tiny appearance of the container because it has the capacity to wash a home. If the cleansing session is an in depth one then the canister could also be required to be cleaned.

HEPA Filtration

The great thing is that each one three variants use the identical filtration method and is ready to eliminate maximum germs from the environment. The Motorhead, Animal, and Absolute all use the identical powerful Filtration. So, you see that when Dyson decides to incorporate enhancements it introduces the identical in all of the variants.

The filter performs an important job of pulling in air and all of the filth particles with it. And the filters could be washed easily.

Energy modes (Variable suction)

In case you are in search of additional suction then you need to know that each one the three variants come with an optimum power mode. There isn’t a doubt that it drains the battery nevertheless it enhances the efficiency properly.


Point out needs to be made concerning the V10 collection that makes a noise of 75 decibels when working in low mode and may go up to 80 decibels when on most power. Oh come on, nothing is perfect, and this might be the one disadvantage for a high-end machine like the Dyson V10.


The advantage of these vacuums is that the maintenance could be very low. The canister holds the residue and could be cleaned out with none problems. The filters on the vacuums are completely washable. Dyson additionally presents warranty for 24 months on the elements undoubtedly a plus level.

Docking Station

Dyson is a brand that all the time offers good value for cash. Not only are the vacuums of top of the range however you additionally get a docking station with them. This can be utilized to cost the vacuum and in addition store them when they don’t seem to be in use.


All three vacuum cleaners come with a number of accessories. The Absolute and Animal variant has probably the most number of accessories. The Motorhead variant has very primary accessories and the dustbin capacity is slightly smaller.


At any day that you really want an entire powerful vacuum cleaner, the Dyson 10 Absolute is an effective selection. Should you wouldn’t have a price range on the thoughts (as Dyson vacs are recognized for his or her excessive prices), then you might think about it for good. It is extremely straightforward to make use of and if you need an array of accessories, then this is it for you. Additionally In case you reside in an enormous house then you might select the Dyson V10 Absolute model.

The Dyson V10 Animal virtually comparable comes with fewer attachments, Dyson V10 Animal is for people who have more carpeted areas and Absolute when you have exhausting flooring in addition to surfaces with carpet.

Then again, V10 motorhead is with no additional attachments in comparison with Absolute and Animal. However the most effective performer just like Animal, Absolute.

Lastly, The appropriate selection for you will totally depend in your private requirement. So, you want to work out what it that you really want and that may take out the confusion from this comparison Dyson v10 Motorhead vs Absolute vs Animal.