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Best Water Filter Pitcher Picks for 2019 2019

Typically known as a purifier jug, a water filter pitcher sometimes consists of a reservoir with a filter cartridge in it. Unfiltered water runs down the cartridge and into the jug, purifying in the course of. Whereas they are small and easy in design, the most effective water filter pitchers are incredibly effective on the subject of removing pollution from what you drink. Do you know that a mean measurement jug can present enough clean consuming water for a whole household? That is simply one of the many explanation why water filter pitchers are so well-liked in the present day.

On this article, we examine the perfect water filter pitcher critiques of the yr thus far. Choosing the right one is just not as straightforward as it might appear. For instance, while most water filters are made out of comparable supplies, their means to offer consuming water relies on quite a lot of elements.

We read numerous buyer critiques, tested out merchandise, and listened to the preferences that buyers have in relation to clean consuming water. As well as, we also read up on the varied varieties of contaminants that have to be filtered out and how numerous top-selling water filter pitchers available on the market work.

best-water-water-filter-pitcher-reviews-of-the-year - best water filter pitcher Pitcher filters present a much cheaper various to larger water filter methods like reverse osmosis.

They’re additionally a way more environmentally friendly answer to bottled water (Do you know it will possibly take as much as 440 years for a plastic bottle to decay?). They’re comparatively low cost, handy, and straightforward to take care of.

Immediately, we take a look at the greatest pitcher water filters that can be purchased right now.  Have a quick take a look at the comparability table under to see how they take a look at before we assessment each jug in a bit more detail afterward.

We’re assured you’ll find one of the best water filter pitcher for your own home with our complete useful resource.

Fast Comparison: The Best Water Filter Pitchers

Notes About the Desk

BPA stands for Bisphenol A. Bisphenol A is a hazardous chemical utilized in some plastics that has been shown to trigger sickness.

The table mentions heavy metals as one of the issues that a filter for a water pitcher can scale back. Some examples of heavy metals present in consuming water are zinc, copper, lead, cadmium, arsenic, chromium, thallium, and mercury.


What Are Water Filter Pitchers?

Have you ever ever heard of a water filter pitcher earlier than? These little issues are magic. Self-contained and absolutely functioning, they produce clean consuming water with ease. Water filter pitchers are available all kinds of volumes relying on the model. They often have a lid, one or two filters, and a container with various capacity.

How Do Water Filter Pitchers Work?

Water pitcher filters use each advanced carbon and cartridge filters to dam contaminants from getting into your consuming water. If you pour water into the pitcher, it enters the filter the place pollution are eliminated. Then, the water slowly drains into the reservoir. When you’re able to pour the water into a glass, a bypass system permits the water to movement with out passing by means of filters on its method out.

Carbon Water Filters

Produced from coconut shells, coal, wood, or petroleum pitch, carbon filters use quite a lot of processes to filter the water in your pitcher. The water is purified by means of physical activation by way of carbonization, oxidation, or chemical activation. Activated carbon filters work via a pure process referred to as adsorption. In case you are unfamiliar with this time period, it refers to the tendency of the atoms in gases, liquids, and solids to adhere to the floor.

Activated charcoal has a really porous floor, offering plenty of area to lure ions. Actually, its excessive porosity gives an adsorption floor of roughly 32,000 square ft. When water enters a carbon filter, the water’s contaminants turn out to be trapped in the porous floor of the carbon. The result is cleaner, more healthy consuming water for you to take pleasure in.

After a time period, the carbon surface turns into crammed with totally different pollutant particles. So you will have to vary out your filter to maintain your water filter pitcher efficient. Periodically change out your filter because the guide instructs.

Cartridge Water Filters

When you’ve been scoping out the market for water filter pitchers, it is doubtless that you’ve already seen many cartridge types. You is perhaps questioning ‘what exactly is a cartridge filter?’ These superior filters use an activated carbon filter along with other applied sciences to offer cleaner, higher tasting water.

Did you know that some cartridges have seven filtering levels earlier than they launch clean consuming water? They use a mixture of ion change resins, activated carbon, tourmaline, and mineral balls to filter out the water. Our guide will assist you discover one of the best water pitcher filter for your own home.

Ion trade resins are one of the essential elements on the subject of filtering your water. These small balls of resin are full of sodium particles. When magnesium and calcium particles encounter a resin bead, they’re interested in and cling to its surface. The sodium is exchanged for new particles and the magnesium and calcium ions are trapped. Because the sodium is released into the water in small quantities, you gained’t have the ability to tell that it is there.

Mineral balls are exactly what they sound like. They infuse your consuming water with minerals. Typically when the water passes by means of a filter, a number of the minerals are additionally filtered out. This reduces the number of nutrients current in the water and makes it much less wholesome to eat. Mineral balls remedy this drawback by including their properties after the water has already been filtered. This increases the waters nutritional worth and makes it healthier for you and your loved ones to eat.

Tourmaline is one such mineral that is capable of conveying a small electrical current. Its current resonates with the far infrared spectrum (FIR) of the water, making the water molecules able to resonating with FIR frequencies. Since these similar frequencies are current within your body, consuming water handled with tourmaline boosts your metabolism.

Ceramic Filters

Have you heard of ceramic water filters before? These filters have small holes all through them that block giant particles of dust and contaminants from passing via. While they’re highly efficient at preventing the passage of bacteria and protozoa, they do not effectively regulate chemical compounds or viruses. Some ceramic filters are embedded with silver, a natural bactericide. This prevents micro organism and algae from rising on them. As long as they don’t get broken, ceramic filters last for years. They are a very economical selection for a water filter.


For many who want filtering their water with out using a pitcher or in-home system, distillation is a method you can do that. The method works by boiling water and amassing the steam. Because the water evaporates, contaminants are left behind. When the vapor cools, the water returns to its liquid type. Biological pollution reminiscent of micro organism and viruses are killed within the course of.

There are a number of VOCs which have a decrease boiling level than water does (aka they cannot be removed by distillation). Most residence filters use activated carbon to maintain these pollution. The result is pure, clear water which you could really feel protected consuming.

Reverse Osmosis

Have you learnt how reverse osmosis works? Water is pushed by means of a semipermeable membrane. This membrane blocks the passage of any particles which might be bigger than the water molecules. Reverse osmosis effectively blocks micro organism, viruses, protozoa, and lots of chemical contaminants including fluoride, arsenic, lead, and nitrates. Nevertheless, it won’t work on chlorine, VOCs, or trihalomethanes. That is why reverse osmosis methods are virtually all the time mixed with different filtration methods similar to carbon. Collectively, they make the right water filtration system.

Ultraviolet Mild (UV)

Ultraviolet mild (aka UV) is used to kill bacteria, protozoa, and viruses in your water. Technically, it does not kill these organisms. It attacks their DNA in order that they can’t reproduce. UV purification is usually used with reverse osmosis or another technique of water filtration. While it’s efficient, it isn’t adequate to be used as a water filtration technique alone.

Water Testing and Certification

When you’re purchasing, you could come throughout water filters which might be NSF licensed. You’re in all probability questioning what this implies and if it matters. NSF Worldwide is an accredited third-party certification that checks and certifies certain products to ensure they meet public well being requirements. Merchandise that meet these requirements have the NSF mark.

There isn’t a requirement for water filtration methods to be NSF certified. Since NSF Worldwide is just not a governmental company, they don’t have the appropriate to manage these corporations. With this stated, most respected corporations who produce water filters choose to have their merchandise examined by unbiased laboratories and are joyful to share these results with most of the people.

Analyzing laboratory check outcomes is far more necessary than seeing NSF on a product. It could’t harm although. Since it is extremely expensive for corporations to have their merchandise examined by NSF, many choose out.

What Kinds of Contaminants Do Water Pitcher Filters Remove?

The answer will depend on what sort of filter your pitcher has. Carbon filters are some of the effective at removing contaminants out of your consuming water. Nevertheless, there isn’t a filter that may take away all sources of contamination. In contrast to other water pitcher filters, carbon ones take away the pollutants by bodily blocking them from getting into the water and by chemically eradicating them. Carbon filters successfully remove the following contaminants:

  • Chlorine: Whereas it’s often used as a disinfectant for water, chlorine modifications water’s style and is linked to several illnesses. Activated charcoal water pitcher filters successfully remove chlorine.
  • Trihalomethane Compounds: These compounds are present in water as a by-product of chlorine remedy. Many scientific studies have linked this compound to sicknesses and governments have set limits to trihalomethane won’t threaten the lives and well-being of their residents. We advocate avoiding trihalomethane compounds in consuming water at all costs. Water filters effectively remove this compound.
  • Organic Chemical compounds: Risky organic chemical compounds (VOCs) are sometimes found in pesticides and herbicides. VOCs are sometimes utilized in soil remedy but most of them find their method into the water. This may current issues if the consuming water is consumed by the young or aged.
  • Giardia: This protozoan parasite causes giardiasis. When you’ve got not heard of this sickness before, giardiasis is a diarrheal disease that may final for up to six weeks within the human body. Signs embrace stomach pain, frequent toilet visits, and weight reduction. In extreme instances, individuals may experience vomiting, fevers, and blood in their stool. Giardia spreads by means of cyst formation. These cysts might last for as much as three months in cold water temperatures. As soon as a water source is infected, it is extremely arduous to remove the presence of giardia. Carbon water filters effectively block giardia.
  • Cryptosporidium: That is another protozoan that carbon water filters block. It may cause gastrointestinal and respiratory sicknesses which is particularly harmful for individuals with a compromised immune system.

Why You Ought to Choose a Water Filter Pitcher

There are lots of explanation why you need to use a water filter pitcher in your home. Crucial purpose to take a position on this household item is to improve the quality of the consuming water you employ. Do you know that faucet water travels by means of soiled pipes for miles earlier than it even reaches your sink faucet? Whereas the water is usually clear after it leaves the remedy facility, the pipes might contaminate it. Previous pipes include loads of pollutants including bacteria, heavy metals, fungi, microorganisms, and harmful chemical compounds.

Water filter pitchers supply a reasonable answer to an in any other case costly drawback. All the water you fill the pitcher with could be treated in only 30 to 60 minutes. Then, a lot of the harmful pollution are filtered out. As chances are you’ll anticipate, there are quite a few well being advantages to consuming filtered water. You may be consuming much less chlorine, lead, and plastic.

The right way to Change a Water Pitcher Filter (and when to do it)

Most of the time, your water filter pitcher could have directions on how one can change out the filter and when to do it. If it does not, contact the producer and inquire. The frequency with which you modify the filters can differ depending on the contamination levels in your water supply. If the water is heavily contaminated, you will want to vary out your filters more regularly.

Altering out the water filters is comparatively straightforward. It shouldn’t take you greater than fifteen minutes to do at a time. It is best to exchange your water filter each two to 3 months. While this process varies relying on the make and mannequin of your filter pitcher, the steps are usually as follows:

  • Fill a bowl with chilly water
  • Submerge the new filter and permit it to soak for 10 – 15+ minutes
  • Take the filter out of the water and let it drain
  • Put the brand new water filter in your pitcher
  • Fill the pitcher 3 times after which throw the water away. This helps to activate the carbon filter
  • The pitcher is prepared for use

Learn how to Select the Best Water Filter Pitcher

As we talked about earlier, selecting the best sort of water filter just isn’t as straightforward because it seems to be. On this section, we’ll go over how to choose the perfect water filter pitcher for you. Elements such as the pitcher material, period of filters, capability, ease of use and cleansing matter.


What is the water pitcher manufactured from? Most pitchers at this time are comprised of plastic, which is why they are lightweight and reasonably priced. Probably the most necessary things to think about immediately is whether or not your pitcher is created from BPA-free supplies. Low-quality plastics can pose a critical health hazard to users.

BPA stands for bisphenol A. It is an industrial chemical used in plastics and resins because the 1960s. Research exhibits that publicity to BPA can have damaging unwanted side effects on the brain, conduct, and prostate glands of fetuses and youngsters as well as elevated blood strain in adults.  BPA-free water filter pitchers is probably not utterly protected to drink from but you may be getting fewer toxins than consuming from plastic or consuming unfiltered water.

Filter Life

Putting in a filter on the water pitcher could be very straightforward. One of the necessary questions to ask your self when buying these merchandise is ‘how long will the water filter last?’ The longer the filter lasts, the less occasions you’ll have to substitute it. With this stated, you don’t need to push the filter’s limits too far. It needs to do its job.

A superb filter won’t must be changed more typically than once every two months. If you will discover a product with a filter that lasts 4 to 6 months, that may be best.


How a lot water is the pitcher able to holding? Investing in a water pitcher filter for a family of 4 gained’t assist you to out very a lot if the pitcher only holds 2 quarts of liquid. Buy a water filter pitcher that is sensible for your needs.

A larger capacity also signifies that you gained’t need to continually refill the pitcher. While waiting for a few minutes for the water to purify won’t sound all that dangerous, it looks like endlessly on a scorching summer time day. If refilling the pitcher looks like an excessive amount of work for you, perhaps an under-sink filter is more your type.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

Even containers of purified water need cleaning once in a while. This helps the container to keep away from being tainted from bacteria, algae, and different unhealthy pollution growing inside it and tainting the water.

Who Ought to Purchase a Water Filter Pitcher?

Wondering if a water filter pitcher is true for you? The first advantage of using a water filter is improved consuming water taste. Even innocent particles can change the flavour of what you drink whether or not you’re consuming water by itself of creating a scorching pot of espresso.

When you don’t already own a filter or reverse osmosis system in your house, these water filter pitchers supply a good way to remain healthy and get monetary savings. In the event you reside in a metropolis that’s notorious for its poor tap water quality, that is much more necessary.

Most people aren’t within the find out about how many chemical compounds and minerals slip by way of their metropolis’s local water remedy middle. Water suppliers in the USA are required by regulation to offer a shopper confidence report that lists the results. In case you are considering reading your metropolis’s water report or getting contact information for an area agency, take a look at the EPA’s website right here.

Take into account that not all issues with the water supply will show up on a regional check. If your plumbing is contaminated or in case you are on a personal provide, that you must get your water tested. Many providers and filter installers supply this for free.

All respected water filter pitchers are certified to remove dangerous contaminants. Filters take away the whole lot from bacteria, to filth, chlorine, chemical compounds, and more. Utilizing water filter pitchers is a a lot inexpensive method of getting clean consuming water than installing a reverse osmosis filter in your kitchen. Please word that not one of the water filters we listed is licensed to take away organic contamination. When you’ve got extreme air pollution in your space, you need to boil your water for one minute and let it cool earlier than you even start to use the filter.

How We Tested the Water Filter Pitchers on Our Listing

With a view to select one of the best water filter pitchers for you, we used a mixture of qualitative and quantitative checks to match each of the products. We used the following checks to rank the water filter finalists.

Taste Check

One of the first issues we thought-about was the style check. We rated these pitchers based mostly on whether or not they might provide us with clean, pure, and refreshing consuming water free from chemical tastes.

How Shortly the Pitchers Filter Water

One other issue we thought-about was how shortly each of the pitchers on our record might filter water. Whereas some may assume that lengthy durations of time is important for good filtration, it isn’t. Some pitchers only take a few minutes to filter out particles and chemical compounds whereas others can take as much as fifteen minutes.

Ergonomic Design

Whereas the ergonomic design was largely qualitative, we made positive to check out particular parts in each of our pitcher decisions. Some of the essential elements we checked out was how snug the pitcher is to carry when it’s utterly filled with water. Another factor we checked out was how secure the pitcher is whenever you set it on numerous surfaces (e.g. the desk, counter, and inside the refrigerator).

three Steps to Decide Which Water Filter is Best for You

In relation to selecting the best water filter, there are three primary steps that you need to comply with.

Step One: Determine Your Water High quality

Have you learnt what your water quality is? Are there particular contaminants you already know are in your native water supply? Are you concerned that your tap water smells or tastes humorous? One factor you can do (that we mentioned earlier) is to learn up in your native space’s water report. You may as well discover house water testing kits online. While they may not be as correct and thorough as laboratory checks, they’ll still offer you a good suggestion of your tap water quality. Investing in a water filter is all the time a good idea.

Step Two: Decide the Water Filter Pitcher Capacity You Need

How a lot water do you assume it would be best to filter directly? Are you using the filter just for your self or do you might have roommates and family who will probably be consuming water too? Before you purchase a pitcher, contemplate the capability you will want. You don’t need to need to always refill the pitcher. Different questions to think about are: How many gallons of water do you assume you’ll drink in a day? Do you need to spend money on a pitcher solely for consuming – or will you employ filtered water for cooking too?

Step Three: Make Your Determination

Take an in depth take a look at the merchandise you want and their options. Be sure that to match manufacturers, types, and prices. Another good rule of thumb is to learn by way of buyer evaluations of each product before you commit to buying. Our information may also offer you a radical understanding of every of one of the best water filter pitchers available on the market in 2019.

Issues to Maintain in Thoughts as You Choose Your Water Filter Pitcher

As you’re evaluating the several types of water filter pitchers, there are some things it is best to take note.


One sort of filter could also be efficient at removing particular forms of contaminants and never others. There can also be a difference in the proportion of discount among filters too. Then, there are filters so effective that they take away nearly every trace of contaminants. Be certain that to pay close attention to the diploma of effectiveness for contaminants that you’re concerned about. Carbon filters are a number of the greatest kinds of filters you possibly can spend money on. They take away pollution both by blocking them within the filtration process and through chemical bonding.

Ease of Use

Do you know that some water filters are related directly to your plumbing? All you must do is flip on your water faucet to get entry to wash consuming water. A majority of these filters embrace both underneath the counter types, carbon block, and reverse osmosis methods. It’s essential to note that they don’t seem to be low cost by any means. While they are simple to make use of, set up can be a course of. You possibly can either install it your self or have a plumber come and do it. Take into consideration whether you want to get monetary savings and refill your water filter pitcher a number of occasions a day or whether you favor an put in system.

The Value

You’ll be able to spend anyplace from $20 on a water filter pitcher to a number of thousand on an put in residence filtration system. Think about the prices, your price range, and your wants earlier than making an enormous financial step. Water filter pitchers supply a handy and reasonably priced method to get entry to wash consuming water day by day. Think about whether or not you’ll be able to afford to take care of an in-home filtration system.

Water Filter Pitcher Evaluations

Next, you’ll be able to take a look at our water pitcher filter evaluations. Right here we talk about each of the jugs in a bit more element. Discover out precisely what we expect, as we give the lowdown on the top models of 2019 to date.

For those who’re new to these units then be sure to take a look at both our water filter pitcher critiques and the purchaser’s information that follows. We record the key features that you need to be wanting for when shopping for.









Invigorated Dwelling – pH Restore          GREAT TASTING WATER

invigorated living alkaline small - best water filter pitcher

This alkaline water pitcher from Invigorated Dwelling is particular in that it adds wholesome minerals like iron, zinc, and calcium to the water. This serves to boost the pH to extra healthy alkaline levels and provide great tasting, healthy mineral water. It truly produces probably the most alkaline water of any filtration pitcher available on the market as we speak.

In addition to the health advantages this pitcher can supply, it’s also efficient in eradicating dangerous pollution from your water. It’s marketed to take away heavy metals akin to arsenic and lead, in addition to chlorine and fluoride too.

What makes this pitcher effective is the mixture of filtration strategies it makes use of. By combining micro filter nets, coconut activated carbon, and KDF it is able to scale back an enormous number of contaminants in water. The power to scale back heavy metals and a few fluoride is just not one that many pitchers have.

Its considerate design features a simple grip handle and non-slip rubber base. It also boasts a huge 12 cup (118 Ounce) capacity, which is tough to beat. It has got some nice features, nevertheless it prices a bit extra too.

Backside Line: This is the most effective alkaline water pitcher obtainable. It produces a number of the greatest tasting water of all of the water filtration pitchers we’ve reviewed. If the pH and alkalinity of the water are necessary to you then this pitcher ought to be prime of your record.

Key Features:

  • Produces alkaline water
  • Giant capacity
  • Superb customer suggestions
  • NSF licensed filter material
  • Reduces a wide range of contaminants

Verify Worth

invigorated water ionizer big image - best water filter pitcher

aquagear-water-filter-pitcher-small - best water filter pitcherAquagear            AMAZING FILTER PERFORMANCE

This Aquagear water filter pitcher is constructed with 100% FDA authorised food grade supplies. The filters have a huge capacity and will filter 150 gallons of consuming water before needing to be replaced. That is round 3x as a lot as the typical pitcher filter lifespan, making this among the best water filter pitcher methods available on the market. Nevertheless, this does mean that the filters are costlier than the typical filter too.

The filters meet NSF requirements for the discount of contaminants akin to lead, fluoride, copper, chromium 6, mercury, chlorine, and chloramines. The filters are literally rated at 2 microns which is comparable with costliest entire home water filters.

Aquagear claims that the filters will remove inorganic contaminants and organic contaminants whereas retaining healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium in the water. This implies you’ll be able to have refreshing mineral water in your home. Additionally they supply an superior lifetime assure on the pitcher. They’ll even substitute it do you have to break it.

One criticism is that it will possibly take longer to fill the Aquagear water filter pitcher with filtered water than different fashions. This is the consequence of getting such efficient filters. The longer time that the water has in touch with the filter media, the extra contaminants might be removed.

This can be a water pitcher that removes fluoride too, which is extremely uncommon. Fluoride is a troublesome factor to take away, so this can be a nice promoting point for the Aquagear jug. For customers enthusiastic about consuming less fluoride, this can be the fluoride water filter pitcher for you.

Backside Line: This might have been our prime decide should it’s a bit cheaper. The filter efficiency is superb and is the perfect we have now come throughout in pitcher filtration techniques. That is one highly effective little pitcher.

Key Features:

  • Highly effective filters
  • Long life filters
  • Independently licensed for contaminant removing
  • Doesn’t remove healthy minerals
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Examine Worth

Nakii Pitcher           EXCELLENT VALUE + FEATURES

The Nakii pitcher is comparatively new to the market and brings some spectacular features and certifications to the desk.

The worth is the very first thing to note. It is extremely fairly priced and truly works out as one of the cheaper models we now have included.

That is all of the extra spectacular because it’s not shy on options. There’s the Water Quality Association (WQA) certification for example. Its been examined to satisfy strict requirements for chlorine and lead reduction. These are badges of honor within the water filter world, that separate one of the best from the remaining.

The carbon fiber filter reduces up to 97% of contaminants akin to mercury, chlorine, lead, organic compounds, and sediment. It’s also stated to scale back the water hardness (subsequently decreasing limescale), however I’m unsure why this might be something you would wish in a pitcher. The carbon-based filter media improves the water taste and eliminates any odor or colour.

The filters additionally last a very very long time. They are certified by the WQA to last for an unbelievable 150 gallons of use! That’s a tremendous figure that represents great value for cash. They are very fairly priced too. The filter lifespan is monitored utilizing a primary mechanical indicator.

The jug itself is slender in form and will fit into the refrigerator door. It holds 7.5 cups of water (1.eight Liters). The plastic is BPA free and authorised by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The pitcher is sturdily built and encompasses a non-spill lid to stop accidents when pouring. It has a picket handle that provides it a contact of class within the seems to be department too.

Backside Line: We love this pitcher! It’s not obtained the most important capacity, nevertheless it’s BPA-free plastic,  and for value and options it’s onerous to match. WQA certification and additional lengthy life filters make this one of many greatest water pitcher filters on the market.

Key Features:

  • WQA licensed filters
  • BPA free, FDA accepted plastic
  • Superb filter lifespan
  • Nice value

Verify Worth

the-alkaline-water-pitcher-small - best water filter pitcherLake Industries – Alkaline Pitcher          SOLID & DEPENDABLE

This model from Lake Industries uses a 7-stage filter cartridge. It utilizes an ion change resin, tourmaline, mineral balls, and carbon. These levels work collectively to supply great tasting water that is filtered of chlorine and heavy metals like zinc, copper, and lead.

The filter additionally raises the pH of the water to make it extra alkaline. Alkaline water is considered by many to be healthier. The filters have an honest lifespan and will final for 40 gallons (round 2 months) of use. This lifespan is on the lower end of the size when in comparison with filters from Nakii and Aquagear.

The Lake Industries alkaline water filter pitcher itself is nicely designed and will fit in any fridge. It options a simple to fill lid that may open itself, a simple pour spout, and a cushty ergonomic handle. It’ll hold 10 cups of unpolluted, filtered water (2.5 Liters), and is BPA free. The one thing lacking here is a filter life indicator.

Bottom Line: Stands out from most different pitchers because of the alkaline filter. Should you’re apprehensive concerning the pH of your water then a jug like this might be a great match, because it’s probably the greatest alkaline water filter pitchers obtainable.

Key Options:

  • 7-Stage filter
  • Raises the water pH
  • BPA free
  • Effective

Verify Worth

zerowater-10-small - best water filter pitcherZeroWater          TOP RATED FOR EFFECTIVENESS

ZeroWater market this pitcher as the only one which is certified to take away lead and hexavalent chromium (chromium-6 from water. It is NSF certified to show its effectiveness within the discount of those contaminants. It has a 5-stage filtration system, however don’t confuse this with a 5-stage reverse osmosis system which is simpler.Zerowater-filter-image - best water filter pitcher

Our favorite function of this filtration jug is the extra dispenser at the bottom of the deal with, which lets you dispense water without truly lifting and tipping the pitcher. That is good for when the pitcher is full and heavy to carry.

Another function which units this aside from its rivals is the TDS (complete dissolved solids) meter. Though not truly a part of the ZeroWater pitcher (it’s a separate system), it permits you to precisely measure how clean or polluted your water is. This is probably the most correct method to measure the effectiveness of your ZeroWater filters. By measuring frequently you’ll know the perfect time to exchange a ZeroWater filter (the efficiency degree will start to drop). These devices might be purchased comparatively cheaply, however I don’t know why more water filters techniques don’t embrace them. The ZeroWater pitcher removes up to 99.6% of dissolved solids from your water. That tremendous function alone probably makes this product the most effective water pitcher filter.

A well-liked water filter pitcher comparability to make is Zero Water vs Brita. Brita alternative filters for Brita pitchers are much inexpensive (although Brita filters are much less effective). Brita definitely wins on value, but Zero Water evaluations rather well almost about contaminant discount and general effectiveness.

Backside Line: This is likely one of the greatest pitcher water filters as far as effectiveness goes. It’s good for decreasing lead and chromium out of your water. The inclusion of a TDS meter is a superb concept too, which units it aside from the other pitcher filters.

Key Features:

  • 5-Stage filters
  • TDS meter
  • Additional push button dispenser
  • NSF certified for the discount of lead and chromium

Examine Worth

soma-10-cup-small - best water filter pitcherSoma Sustainable             BEST FOR THE ENVIRONMENT

This Soma water filter critiques rather well on shopper sites like Amazon. It’s a very elegant piece of design that looks superb. The wooden deal with is sourced from sustainable plantations of white oak and adds a very stylish touch. This jug wouldn’t look misplaced in any kitchen.soma-sustainable-large - best water filter pitcher

The filters are made with activated carbon which is produced from wasted coconut shells. The activated carbon is used in a lot of the greatest water pitcher filters and is incredibly efficient at absorbing impurities from consuming water (particularly chlorine). The filters are nicely priced and will final a reasonably long time of 40 gallons of use. They will take away chlorine and improve the taste and odor of the water. They may even combat heavy metals and pesticides.

Each time a Soma filter is bought, they donate to water tasks in creating nations. It’s refreshing to see an organization that’s prepared to take a look at the bigger image. Additionally they make a very stylish wanting pitcher.

The Soma sustainable is a superb product, however don’t just take our phrase for it. Take a look at some extra Soma Water filter evaluations.

Backside Line: That is probably the most elegant pitcher filtration system obtainable. It’s additionally effective and great for the setting too.

Key Options:

  • Nice for the surroundings
  • Efficient at removing chlorine
  • Lovely design
  • Nice tasting water

brita-10-cup-everyday-bpa-free-small - best water filter pitcherBrita Everyday               BEST VALUE LARGE PITCHER

This water filtration pitcher is the most cost effective of the larger measurement models. It’ll remove the disagreeable taste and odor of chlorine whereas combating heavy metals similar to lead, mercury, cadmium, and copper.

While it isn’t as elegant or refined as others, it’s a capable water filter jug that comes with a very engaging price tag. It doesn’t have the electronic filter monitor or water quality tester of rivals, nevertheless it does have a simple sticker that allows you to know when it’s time to vary filters. This sticker isn’t quite as accurate as a few of the digital displays but ensures that there’s no guesswork with regards to changing filters. If money is a concern then there’s merely no various. This Brita 10 cup pitcher is the most effective large-sized water pitcher at a low worth.

Bottom Line: Worth-wise this one is tough to beat. It’s not going to amaze you with features, however it’s pretty reliable. This Brita water filter critiques rather well with regard to price, however it’s not the perfect water air purifier pitcher available on the market on the subject of contaminant discount.

Key Options:

  • Superb worth
  • Good capacity
  • Removes chlorine

Examine Worth

pur-18-cup-dispenser-smallPUR 18 Cup Dispenser              BIGGEST CAPACITY

By far the most important pitcher that we’ve mentioned immediately. It’s comprised of BPA-free plastic and holds a whopping 18 cups, so gained’t must be refilled typically. Its giant measurement signifies that filling it isn’t as easily completed as with other pitchers. Then again, the PUR water pitcher has twice the capability of some rivals and doesn’t must be crammed almost as often. This pitcher is right for larger households and households.

PUR water filters have a lifespan of round 2 months and PUR filters are among the least expensive we now have encountered. It’s efficient at eradicating mercury from water (up to 95%) and will also remove chlorine to enhance the taste and odor.

Bottom Line: The large capacity makes the PUR water filter pitcher among the best water purifier pitchers for giant households. It gained’t break the bank both and PUR provides great value for cash.

Key Options:

  • Big capacity
  • BPA free plastic
  • Removes chlorine and mercury
  • Nice value

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ledoux-waters-10-cup-small - best water filter pitcherLeDoux Waters              GREAT ALL ROUND PERFORMANCE

This model from LeDoux earns great evaluations on Amazon and comes with a lovely price ticket too. It features an LCD timer to let you understand when to vary filters at the optimal time. These filters ought to last for 2 months or 42 gallons of use. The filter cartridge is definitely universal, and this means it can match filters from Brita and different brands.

The LeDoux filters supply Four levels of filtration. They’ll take away heavy metals, toxins, and chlorine. Coconut shell activated carbon will enhance the style and odor of the water too. The filters are stated to make the water more alkaline, but their effect on the pH isn’t big. When refilling the pitcher, the lid will open mechanically underneath the movement of water and shut by itself when full. This model has all of the options you want in a water filter jug, and at a worth which isn’t intimidating either.

Bottom Line: This pitcher is filled with great features just like the 4-stage filters, however provides great worth too. It’s a fantastic all-around package deal that is superb for the worth.

Key Options:

  • Four-Stage filters
  • Universal filter housing
  • Great worth
  • Automated lid

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brita-slim-small - best water filter pitcherBrita Slim               CHEAPEST AVAILABLE

The Brita Slim is by far the most cost effective pitcher we’ve got encountered. In reality, you should purchase two of those for lower than the worth of one in every of a lot of the different fashions. It does, nevertheless, have about half the capability of most others too though.

It holds 5 cups in a glossy thin design. It’s good for small refrigerators. It’s going to shield towards contaminants like chlorine, copper, cadmium, and mercury. It doesn’t have a flowery digital filter life indicator, however the filters do have a sticker on them which can inform you when it’s time to vary them. These filters will final for 2 months or 40 gallons of use. The filters are additionally rather well priced too. That is undoubtedly a ‘no frills’ filter jug, nevertheless it’s an amazing match for small spaces.

Backside Line: That is a tremendous value. It’s also the right answer for small spaces. It’s not the most effective water filtration pitcher, but this Brita pitcher evaluations rather well with regards to bang for your buck.

Key Options:

  • Low cost
  • Slim design
  • Performs pretty nicely too

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mavea - best water filter pitcherMAVEA Elemaris XL               EUROPEAN STYLING, SUPERIOR FILTRATION

MAVEA is well-known as a German producer of premium water filtration techniques. The MAVEA Elemaris XL water filtration pitcher has a large 9 glass water capability. Our radically new shaped filter delivers constant circulate and filtration over the life of the filter. No pre-soaking is required to activate the filters. The MAVEA water filter is treated with silver to inhibit the expansion of micro organism. A micro-screen in the MAVEA filter reduces black particle release into the pitcher.

The MAVEA Elemaris XL pitcher can also be licensed by WQA to NSF ANSI Standards 42 and 53 to considerably scale back chlorine taste and odor together with other unwanted parts. The built-in MAVEA Sensible Meter measures water hardness, water volume, and amount of filter use, allowing you to keep monitor of these metrics (and telling you when to exchange your filter). In addition, MAVEA is the one water filter company that presently gives a full-scale filter recycling program.

Bottom Line: The MAVEA Elemaris is a brilliant, trendy selection for water filtration within the middle-cost range.

Key Features:

  • Constructed-in Sensible Meter screens water high quality
  • Futuristic design
  • Highly effective filtration system

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Earlier than You Purchase: Guidelines

Right here are a number of points it is best to contemplate before you purchase a pitcher for your property. The most effective water pitchers present up properly in every of the areas we talk about under.

What kind of capability do you want?

The capability of pitcher water filters is measured in cups (1 cup= 0.06 gallons = zero.24 Liters). This is how a lot filtered water it should hold. Keep in mind that you will have to raise most of these pitchers to pour them. A full 10 cup pitcher will probably be quite heavy.

Know the filter lifespan and price.

The initial value of the pitcher isn’t probably the most vital worth. The initial value will probably be dwarfed by the price of buying alternative filters over the lifespan of the jug. Subsequently, your main concern when costing a jug shouldn’t be the worth of the jug itself, it must be the fee and lifespan of the alternative filters.

Usually, you will have to exchange filters on common each 2 months, so concentrate on the operating value of the model. Nevertheless, some models buck the development and have filters that last as long as three timers longer (See the Nakii and Aquagear models).

The easiest way to estimate the operating costs of a water filter is to predict the filter prices over a longer time period (a yr or 2) or per gallon of unpolluted water produced.


Filter A prices $15 and lasts 150 gallons.

Filter B prices $5 and lasts 40 gallons.

Filter A works out at 10 Cents per gallon.

Filter B works out at 12.5 Cents per gallon.

Though filter A is rather more expensive, it’s cheaper to run in the long run.

Filter costs can range from as little as a couple of bucks each to as much as $50. They will typically be purchased in bulk to scale back the price per filter. Some pitchers will even include a spare filter included in the worth. Factor this into the price of the mannequin.

What does it shield towards?

Not all water filters are created equally. Some will shield higher towards certain contaminants than others. For instance, if fluoride is a specific concern of yours then the Aquagear model is an effective selection. A water pitcher that removes fluoride is a tough thing to seek out.

Pay particular attention to filter certifications from respected our bodies like WQA and NSF International. These are unbiased authorities that check water filters. If a producer has certification from one among these our bodies then you possibly can make certain that it may be trusted to ship on its claims.

The most effective apply is to concentrate on the standard of your water before buying a water filter. You are able to do this by testing it with a water analysis package, sending it to an area lab, or by discovering your native water high quality report. We’ve a resource for testing water here. By figuring out the degrees of particular contaminants in your consuming water you possibly can choose the perfect filter pitcher for your property.

If for instance, you require lead reduction then one thing like the Brita filter simply gained’t assist. You need to take a look at the Aquagear pitcher, which is certified to scale back lead.

Is it it BPA free?

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical generally used within the manufacture of plastics. It will probably leech into the water and be absorbed by our our bodies. BPA has been linked to brain and behavioral problems, coronary heart issues, and most cancers. It is especially dangerous for youngsters.

The most effective-filtered water pitchers are created from BPA free plastic, and some are even FDA permitted.

Does it have a filter life indicator?

One of the best water filtration pitchers may have some sort of filter monitoring system. A water filter life indicator will inform you when it’s worthwhile to change filters, and in some instances the present situation of your filter. These indicators might be digital or in the form of stickers. Some make their choice based mostly on the time passed because the last change, whereas some will monitor the quantity of water that has been filtered.

Now, having one among these isn’t a necessity, but it may well definitely make your life simpler. It additionally ensures that you simply change filters at the optimal occasions, and don’t depart your water in danger from defective filters which have run their course.


What can one do to make the water higher?

Use of an effective water filtration system will help scale back pollutants like lead from previous water pipes, pesticide runoff in rural areas, and byproducts of water-treatment chemical compounds like chlorine. Radon, arsenic, and nitrates are also widespread pollutants in consuming water. Sure filters might assist take away these impurities for one of the best consuming water choice.

Is it better to purchase a pitcher filter or faucet filter?

Each water pitcher filters and tap filters are entry degree tap water filters utilizing comparable water filter cartridge varieties to filter out an analogous amount of chemical compounds and contaminants.  Faucet filters present more strong filtration of more gallons of tap water than a pitcher faucet water filter and have a tendency to have a longer lifespan. The distinction is in comfort and worth.

What are natural contaminants?

Natural contaminants are a category of pollutants that herbicides and pesticides in addition to plant matter and animal tissues. There are microscopic ranges of such natural contaminants within the soil, water, and air. These compounds typically end in harmful effects to people.

One can avoid consuming such contaminants by consuming bottled water or via use of a private filtration system (like a water pitcher with filter).  Our water filter pitcher comparability (above) may also help you determine what is the greatest water filter pitcher for your state of affairs.

Is a water purifying pitcher a great choice for a dorm fridge?

Sure. It allows a university scholar to inexpensively ensure filtration of private faucet water without insisting upon filtration of the water provide for all dorm occupants. it’s a good way to maintain consuming clean water in a shared-living state of affairs.

Do water filters filter out fluoride?

Not all of them. Most commercially-available filtration techniques take away solely trace quantities of fluoride over the lifespan of a filter, though some filtration techniques are better than others. You possibly can study more about which filters are simpler in our water filtration pitcher critiques above. However even the perfect tap water filter system can’t take away all chemical contaminants in water.

Do water filter pitchers remove chlorine?

Most consumer-used water filters are manufactured from activated carbon, which may take away chlorine, prescription drugs and chemical compounds, heavy metals similar to lead and mercury, and different chemical compounds and organic compounds that may give consuming water an unwelcome taste and odor. Use of such a filtration system aids within the production of unpolluted consuming water.

How do you clean a water filter pitcher?

Carbon water filters could be cleaned for reuse by rigorously using water strain (as from a high-pressure hose to remove any bodily particles from the filter intake, and by then soaking them for every week in a diluted answer of water and muriatic acid. Make sure to soak the cleaned filter by complete immersion in clear water afterward, to take away any trace of the acid answer or different chemical compounds. By no means ignore the product specs about reusing a specific filter.

What should I do with a used water filter cartridge?

When your water filter has reached its expiration date it must be changed. Some brands can help you drop off your filter cartridges for recycling at their approved sellers. Contact your producer to seek out out about recycling. If direct recycling isn’t out there, discard expired filters in accordance with your native regulation ordinances.

Why You Should Only Drink Filtered Water (Right here’s the Answer in a Nutshell)

When you don’t have the time to learn via this entire article and need to minimize to the chase, we’ve made a fast notes version for you. On this part, we’ll describe why it is best to solely drink filtered water. To state the apparent, water is significant to your physique’s general health. Water is required for cells to perform properly and for your metabolic processes.

If you drink tap water, there are such a lot of pollution that you do not see. It’s straightforward to overlook that they are there. There’s chlorine, fluoride, Trihalomethanes, hormones, micro organism, protozoa, and even small amounts of prescribed drugs. Briefly, tap water is far dirtier than it might seem. It travels by means of miles of pipelines and picks up all this gross stuff along the best way.

The problem is that the majority of us do not know what is in the water we are consuming or the long-term effects these contaminants have on us. In accordance with the Environmental Working Group, roughly eighty-five % of the country’s population is consuming faucet water with 300 contaminants in it. Lots of them have long-term effects and aren’t regulated by the Environmental Safety Agency (EPA).

You possibly can’t remedy this drawback by going out and buying bottled water. It’s also principally unregulated, it’s expensive, and plastic is contributing to polluting the surroundings. The method of bottling water is extremely wasteful. Do you know that three liters of water are used for each one bottle? It gets worse. Roughly two-thirds of plastic bottles find yourself in the ocean and landfills, polluting wildlife.

So how are you going to skip out on the dangerous stuff and help save the setting? The answer is to get a water filtration system. To start out, look for one that is licensed by the NSF, an unbiased, non-profit group that exams and verifies contaminant-reducing properties of filters.

Ideally, home filtration methods are the best choice however not everyone can afford one proper off the bat. In relation to consuming water, there are numerous ways you possibly can go about being healthier in your apply. Beneath the counter house filters, countertop filters, and water filter pitchers are a number of great options.

Spend money on the Best Water Pitcher Filters and Enhance Your General Health

Water filter pitchers supply a handy and reasonably priced solution to filter your consuming water. Even in case you are used to consuming unfiltered tap water, the water popping out of your sink shouldn’t be as clean as you’d assume. Keep in mind that tap water has to travel for miles in soiled, rusted pipes before it even involves your faucet – and this is after it leaves the water purification facility.

The water filter pitchers on our listing won’t solely assist to improve the consuming water’s general style however has constructive advantages for your health too. In any case, access to wash consuming water is among the most elementary human requirements. These water filters supply high-quality consuming water at prices you’ll be able to afford. We’re sure that after reading these evaluations and informational FAQs, it is possible for you to to find out which of these is the most effective water filter for your household.

That concludes our greatest water filter pitchers publish. In case you’d like to seek out out anything or have any questions, then don’t hesitate to get in touch at the bottom of the page. We’ll get again to you promptly and do our greatest to assist in any method we will.

For those who didn’t discover one of the best water filter pitcher for your property at the moment, then ensure you take a look at our different assets. Here at Water Filter Solutions we also have complete guides to reverse osmosis and entire house water filters.

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