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Air mattress repair kit – the ultimate guide

We haven’t updated the guide on prime decisions amongst air mattress repair kits in about 6 months, and for good purpose, we’ve been working on something special to present.

We examined the TOP 5 best-rated (in accordance with Amazon scores) vinyl patch kits over a period of 6 months to see how properly they behave and what you’ll be able to anticipate in case you are making an attempt to repair your air mattress – we present the results under.



Here’s precisely what we did in the “study”

We tested these 5 vinyl kits: Tear-Assist Sort B, Coghlan’s 8800, Boxer vinyl adhesive, Blue Magic and Airhead Ahrk-1.

The testing:

  • we punctured a Fox airbed (which is certainly one of the most durable beds on the market) and made 50 pinholes
  • we used each adhesive on 10 leaks (in order that the check is statistically accurate)
  • waited for a day after which burdened the mattress with weights to its listed capacity
  • sealed the elements around the patches with plastic freezer luggage and industrial-strength Gorilla tape (so that we will see if a leak re-develops)
  • we made notes on the re-occurring leaks after 1,2,Three…10 months


The results are in the desk under

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Commentary of the results

Don’t kill the messenger, however a leaking air mattress is tough to fix long-term, that’s the simple conclusion.

The general success fee of the repair is a pitiful 6 % – solely the Tear-aid and the Boxer had respectively 2 and 1 leak that didn’t redevelop. The remainder of the kits are sitting low with a zero% success price over 10 months.

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Decisions you’ve

The apparent selection can be getting an air mattress that doesn’t develop leaks in the first place (we’ll present stats on that in a minute).

The other two decisions try to repair your inflatables despite the possibilities or, in case your airbed continues to be underneath guarantee, be sure that the company honors their word and substitute your airbed.

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THE airbed with the lowest reported leak %

We maintain tabs on over 200 air mattress models and the two beds under are the two models with lowest % of reported air leaks.

THE FIRST BED is the greatest air mattress general – the SoundAsleep Dream Collection. Based on our knowledge, it has by far the lowest reported leak proportion of 0.78% within 1 yr of purchase.

Which means 1 in 128 beds will develop a leak within 1 yr,

which is how lengthy its guarantee lasts.

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THE price range answer

THE SECOND BED is the greatest price range answer on the market – it’s by far the greatest “cheap” air mattress.

It’s present scores are 86/100 with a strong 9/10 in the category of “air retention” – Intex Consolation Plush Durabeam.

Reported leak % is 2.12 which signifies that 1 in 47 beds will develop a a leak inside 1 Yr.

There’s nothing even near it in its worth range.



Reference information

Air mattress repair & patch kits – why the low success fee

chemical structure of air mattress patch and repair kitsThe brief answer is – the chemical construction and floor end of PVC.

Right here’s a barely longer reply to why vinyl patch and repair kits don’t work so nicely on airbeds

The type of vinyl used in airbed include oils that react with the adhesives found. The height of this chemical reaction is 3-4 months after software.

When you return to the desk, you’ll notice a spike in re-occurring leaks simply round that time-frame.

It is this chemical response that cause the bond to turn into weaker and, over-time, start leaking once more. Some of the corporations (like Tear Help), are adding chemical compounds to the surface of their airbed repair kits to attempt to forestall that reaction.

We’ve seen how nicely that’s understanding in the results of our analysis.

In the rest of the guide we’ll go over some recommendations on utilizing an air mattress so that you simply don’t need an airbed patch kit in the first place:
  • what are the totally different uses – this is truly simply an introduction, so in case you are in a hurry you’ll be able to simply skip that
  • what’s the cause behind the air mattress loosing air – a leakage or a drop in temperature
  • what are the causes of leakage and how one can spot the puncture do you have to determine to attempt to fix it
  • in case you select to do it your self – these shall be the instruments and gadgets that you’ll want
  • what are the greatest repair kits – this are the ones that I was most glad with and located to be the most effective – I’ve included execs and cons and greatest use for every
  • and eventually a FAQ section to hurry issues up and supply a fast answer to the commonest questions you may need when considering of repairing your leaking mattress

Utilizing an air mattress

Air mattresses are a few of the most necessary innovations of the last hundred years or so. Actually, they can be utilized for therefore many issues and in so many conditions that you simply gained’t consider it.


For example, once you go camping and also you need to sleep in consolation, an air mattress or two may save the day.

In any case, not everybody is provided to deal with the wilderness with nothing greater than a blanket and some dry food. Some wish to take pleasure in nature in type.

Earlier than you go considering that air mattresses are an excessive amount of effort to lug around in some national park somewhere, keep in mind that the higher quality ones are relatively small when not inflated and that they come with travel instances and all types of travel – friendly equipment.


Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat PumpIn fact, talking day off to take pleasure in dwelling in the woods is just not the only moment when an air mattress is useful.

Let’s say that you’ve a modest two bedrooms, two loos, one degree house and too many relations coming over for Thanksgiving. Where do you set everyone?

You possibly can relocate your youngsters to their associates’ homes, but you continue to don’t have enough beds, couches or settees to supply a superb sleeping experience.

That is the place the mattresses come into play: simply pull out a couple of them, have everyone help inflate them and let the friends choose wherever they need to sleep in your overcrowded house.

For those who favor a sleeping pad to a bulky air mattress, yow will discover our guide on greatest sleeping air pads here.

Does your mattress leak or is it only a temperature change?

But what is going on when your air mattress doesn’t feel as snug as it used to? Properly, the reply is quite simple: the mattress is leaking air. Or, in the most lucky instances, there was a sudden temperature change, which led to a critical modification of the air strain inside the mattress in relation to the air strain on the exterior.

This imbalance could make the mattress really feel less firm and even somewhat knotty. Nevertheless, the commonest purpose for the air mattress all of the sudden dropping firmness is the undeniable fact that it is leaking air, which is not all that tough to find out: when you hear a low, however fixed hissing sound, compressed air is leaving your mattress when it shouldn’t.

PS. The bed in the picture is an Insta, you’ll be able to see the full assessment of the Insta Raised with a By no means-flat pump right here.

Causes of leakage and the right way to find the puncture

Obviously, when you determine what’s making your mattress deflate, it’s essential to take some measures to repair this. If we’re speaking a few temperature change, the answer is clear: attempt using the instruments that include the mattress and pump some more air inside it, till it’s as agency as you need it to be.

Nevertheless, in case your mattress is leaking air, the drawback will get a lot more difficult, as a result of the solely method to repair it is to seek out the leak and patch it up. This is the place it gets really tough, as a result of the puncture is often very small, brought on by a pet or by your youngsters enjoying around on the mattress and poking it with pens or crayons. To raised understand every part we’re talking about here, you possibly can seek the advice of our guide on what are air mattresses manufactured from.

Inflating the mattress with out fixing the leak is ineffective, subsequently you need to take the time to seek out the annoying rupture:

  • Take the off the bedding and move it to an area of the home that is giant sufficient that you could turn and flip over the slightly giant mattress.
  • Fill the mattress with as a lot air as you’ll be able to, with out it seeming to burst at the seams. Use the air pump that came with the mattress or your personal lungs to inflate it, not an air compressor.
  • Once it’s absolutely inflated, start listening and look very rigorously. The air makes a persistent, if low, hissing sound. You won’t see the leak, but you’re going to listen to it or really feel it, in the event you slowly move your hand on the surface of the mattress.
  • To be sure to received it proper, pour some soapy water on the incriminated space and watch to see if the soap begins to type bubbles. If it does, you got your self a winner. That is the leak. Hopefully, there is only one in the whole mattress.

Tools and gadgets you’ll need for a DIY kit when you determine to repair your airbed

Fixing the leak might be accomplished by your self, with supplies you will have round the home, whether it is small enough to do it your self, or with the help of special repair kits, either delivered with the mattress whenever you bought it or you could buy of the Web or at your local store. If you want to do it by your lonesome and not spend the additional dollar, you must have a few of the following things around:

  • One thing manufactured from thick plastic, like a tarp or a top quality bathe curtain.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • Glue of some sort.

Now, if the leak is situated on the textile a part of the mattress, you possibly can’t simply apply a bit of plastic and glue it into place. You have to sand down the fluffy part of the materials till it reaches the plastic beneath it. Subsequently, you need to have some kind of sandpaper around.

The glue wants to have the ability to maintain two items of plastic or of vinyl together, so it better not come from your youngsters’s kindergarten kit.

Attempt the type of glue which you could get at a comfort store or at your local grocery store. Additionally, duct tape is just not beneficial for fixing leaks in your mattress, as handy as that is perhaps.

The glue on the tape is just not designed to hold plastic materials in place for long and it’ll, ultimately, dry out and fall off.

Air mattress repair kits we appeared into

What occurs when your personal makes an attempt at fixing your air mattress fail otherwise you just don’t know how one can go about it?

The reply is knowledgeable repair kit. In fact, there are so many of them out there and not all of them are the highest quality for their worth vary. Here is a take a look at a couple of of the extra common repair kits on the market:

Vinyl Waterbed Air Mattress Repair KitVinyl Waterbed & Air Mattress Repair Kit: it is fairly low cost, a peg over ten dollars and it accommodates a tube of professional high quality glue and about 21 square inches of vinyl for patching the mattress. The directions are easy: discover the leak, reduce a bit of the vinyl that comes in the kit and glue it on the mattress to cease the air leaving the mattress. Nevertheless, does this kit work on the a part of your mattress that has textile materials? Some customers say yes, others say no. It’s principally hit and miss in this case. Also, the glue doesn’t appear to perform as nicely for all the consumers, some selecting widespread home glue over the one from the kit.

Tear-AidTear – Assist sort B: this repair kit can be utilized solely on the vinyl elements of your air mattress, so if the leak is on the textile space, you’re out of luck. For beneath ten dollars, you get an immediate adhesive and a patch that gained’t pull off when stretched. Based on the manufacturers, this repair kit stops tears from spreading all through the materials. Also, it gained’t lead to discoloration over time and, extra importantly, they glue is strong, not liquid, so it gained’t run all over the place if you use it. On the draw back, the means of using the Tear – Assist is quite difficult, requiring a radical cleaning of the space earlier than applying the glue and the vinyl patch, which gained’t keep on with your air mattress otherwise. Nevertheless, clients have reported and we’ve seen it in testing that even after cleaning the drawback area a number of occasions, the glue gained’t work correctly.

No Heat Liquid Leather Vinyl Repair KNo Heat! Liquid Leather & air mattress repair and patch kit: no warmth kits are all the rage right now on the market of air mattress repairs, as a result of the much less warmth you employ around a vinyl – coated object, the much less possible it is to melt or deform easily. Nevertheless, the heat ought to be substituted with a superb adhesive, preferably one that works pretty fast and that holds two items of vinyl collectively moderately nicely. Sadly, this kit doesn’t do this. The adhesive is admittedly weak and the patches that it comes with are too small for them to be really useful. On the plus aspect, you possibly can decide and choose from a variety of colors of patches, which is all the time a great factor. In fact, if you want to repair a tear that’s greater than a few inches, it is best to think about ordering multiple patch, even when it’s in the colour you need.

Tear - Aid Repair 3Tear – Help Repair Three inch x 5 foot Patch Kit: one in every of the newer kits on the market, this model of the classical Tear – Help kit is leaps and bounds forward of the previous one. It really works quicker, has considered one of the strongest glues on sale at this time and the patches are of extraordinary high quality. Additionally, they’re clear, in contrast to other patches on the market, which may break the facet of an air mattress. Very thin, but sturdy and strong, the Tear – Assist Repair patches are manufactured from a special type of vinyl, one which doesn’t come aside at the seams when uncovered to heat, doesn’t deteriorate when it comes in contact with UV mild and doesn’t tear beneath strain. Nevertheless, it doesn’t come with larger patches than the commonplace ones.

Sevylor Repair PatchSevylor airbed Repair Patch: very simple to use and relatively low cost, being somewhat over ten dollars, this repair kit could be very well-liked for its fast – and – straightforward solutions to urgent problems. It comes with three patches of a normal dimension, that are coated on one aspect with a strain triggered – adhesive. The patches are clear, they go on really quick and the adhesive tries to a wonderfully clean end in a couple of minutes. The world must be cleaned with some sanitary alcohol or with a light soap, but that isn’t uncommon when repairing a vinyl mattress. Nevertheless, the patches are fairly small, being solely about three inches over three inches and the glue tends to dry if exposed to sudden modifications in temperature.

Therm-a-Rest universal repair kitTherm-a-Relaxation universal repair kit: it’s a basic repair kit, helpful only for house owners of a Therm – a – Relaxation mattress. It accommodates two sort A patches, manufactured from vinyl, an alcohol cleansing wipe and two pouches of adhesive that needs heating earlier than working. On the plus aspect, once the patches are in place and if all the steps are adopted appropriately, it’s unlikely that the mattress will leak air once more from that same spot. On the downside, the repair course of is moderately difficult and it requires a certain method that not everyone has. Also, you can’t decide and choose a certain shade of patch or a sure dimension.

Thermarest Permanent Home Repair KitTherm-a-Relaxation permanent residence repair kit: works each on smaller and bigger tears and it has spherical patches you could customize to your hearts’ want. It solely has three colours you could choose from, but that doesn’t appear to be drawback for many customers. What is fascinating about this kit is the undeniable fact that it doesn’t use scorching glue, but somewhat a wet sort of adhesive, which may hold up fairly properly for long durations of time if not uncovered to excessive circumstances. The downside to this wet glue is the undeniable fact that it takes up to 4 hours to set to a totally budge – free end. If the mattress is moved or used during that point, likelihood is that the patch gained’t be completely glued on and it might fall of at any time.

FAQ about air mattress repair and patch kits:

1. The right way to patch an air mattress?

It often is dependent upon what kind of mattress you’ve gotten and if the producer already included a repair kit with the mattress you purchased. When you’ve got one, use it based on the directions. If not, purchase one which you could afford or just create one out of supplies that you’ve round the home. You solely need some items of vinyl, a pair of scissors and a few heavy – obligation glue.

2. How do I select the right air mattress?

Properly, it’s essential think about what you’ll use it for. If you wish to just have it around the home for when visitors arrive in exceeding numbers, than a really expensive one is just a waste of cash. Nevertheless, in case you are the extra outdoorsy sort and you plan to take the mattress with you if you go camping, you may need to spend money on a more pricey one than something like the Intex Basic Downy for camping.

3. How do I do know the mattress is leaking?

There are instances during which there isn’t any approach you will hear your mattress leaking air. For instance, if the puncture is in a very onerous to access place, coated in layers of vinyl, but by some means still readily available to a sharp object, there are possibilities that you simply gained’t have the ability to hear the air leaving the mattress. Nevertheless, you will notice it deflate relatively shortly. In case you do hear the leak, then you definitely’re in luck. It’s straightforward to repair a rupture when you recognize the place it is.

4. What quick fixes might I attempt if I don’t have an airbed patch kit?

You haven’t any repair kits round, but your mattress is leaking air like crazy and it’s essential do one thing about it. Take a bit of duct tape, minimize it to measurement and simply put it on the rupture. It’s not going to carry for lengthy and it gained’t stand up to strain, however it should hold your mattress inflated for some time.

5. Scorching glue vs. regular glue?

Plenty of the classical air mattress repair kits include scorching glue, which is glue that does its job solely when heated at high temperatures. It often sets in a couple of minutes, once it cools. Usually, the scorching glue kits are recognized for being the most reliable ones, though not the easiest to use. Regular glue has been introduced in kits more lately and it requires more time to set, from about half an hour to about four hours, however it does do the job splendidly.

In case you have further questions please add them in the feedback under and I will reply each one among them, this manner we will truly develop the FAQ part and canopy extra points.


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